Sadie's acting strang

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I started to go to sleep, and I was instantly woken by Sadie biting my leg. I tryed to hold her and rub her head (Rubbing her head calms her down) but she ran to her play house, and started biting it harshly. I went over, and picked her up. She hissed and bit me, but I layed her in my lap and rubbed her head. She fell asleep for five minutes, till I moved to the side, she woke up biting my hand and hissing loudly. I rubbed her head again, and she tucked her head beneath one of my arms and bit the bed.

She seems extrememly mad, this has never happend to her before. I'm alittle worried, Sadie being my first cat and all.

A little information about Sadie:
Indoor cat, never gets out unless car ride.
Food: Cat chow, and sometimes alittle bit of leftovers of our food. (Lettuse, beans, Noodles, etc)

She is usally calm and nice, and rarely bites and hissed. The last time she bit & hissed at me was one month ago, my falt for accedently scareing her while sleeping.

I wasnt sure to put this is in Training or Health, But I'm putting it here just in case.

Thank you for you help, and I'll give any information needed.

~ Sadie's Typist, Summer

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have your mommy read my latest diary entry; I went through sorta the same kinds of episodes...hope youre doing okay---feel free to msg me if you would like to chat sometime! we will be sure to keepyou in our prayers ♥


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Medical issues in cats most frequently manifest themselves in behavioral ones, so I think you posted this in the correct place. Any time a kitty acts differently than normal, it's a good idea to at least let the vet know. Biting and hissing are a sign of agitation, which could definitely be an indication that she is not feeling well.

It could be as simple as her being spooked by something, but it's best to err on the side of caution.


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Is she spayed?

Cats who go into heat will exhibit behavior like this. If she is spayed, you should take her to the vet because pain and illness can cause this too.


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Binks is right, you should see a vet to be sure this isn't a medical problem.

Re-doing her page currently -

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More information on Sadie (Stats for the day):
I woke up in the morning, she was acting fine. But then, night came and she started biteing again.
She keeps biting my sketch book, and sniffing random things.

Replys to The replys:
Thank you, Astro! I'll keep your diary in mind.

To Binks, I think your right, but I can't figure out why she would be startled/scared, etc. I'll keep looking at her reactions to our house, thank you.

To Gummy, yes, she is spayed. Thank you

To Hunter: Okay, we'll take her to the vet as soon as possible. Thank you!

All your information is really helpful, thanks from Sadie and Summer.


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Sadie, as soon as I saw tis as your last post I clicked on it. I was terribly worried about you but I heard you were doing better and I calmed down alittle. You are in my thoughts. My brother did this(on a smaller scale) when he first got in the house. He scratched meowmy in the face and she had claw marks from her check bone to her chin. It was because he saw Midnight. To this day they fight, only a tiny bit, but he doesn't hurt anyone. I love you!!!

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This is Delyte. Could Sadie have a toothache or even something stuck in her mouth that she is trying to dislodge by biting different things? The vet will look as soon as you take her but if she will let you look now... A cat who never had a toothache before might be really frightened by it.

We're purring for you! I don't have many teeth left but I am still able to get everything down. Purrs to the beautiful black Sadie!

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It sounds like you are in pain. We're glad that your mom is taking you to the vet.