This way to the May Birthday Party and Hawaiian Luau- all Catsters invited!

Travel to places around the world, make new furiends and pawty with them; let your imagination carry you away!

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♥Tayl- a- Angel&hearts- ;

Lady Tayla
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 10:32am PST 
Welcome friends. The Luau starts at 2:00 PST and we are so excited you can join us.

Brunch will be served this morning, but before anything else, we would like to recognize all the May birthday kitties! If you arrive later and do not see your name or the name of your loved kitty on the list, find one of us and let us know. We will modify the list throughout the day!

We are including links to the pages, so that if any of you would like, you can easily leave a treat for your favorite kitty. We hope tha tyou have a wonderful time today!

And the birthday kitties are......

Jefke 5/1/2004 www.catster.com/cats/463026

Fela Kiti 5/1/2006

Kashmere 5/1/2001

Sinead O'Kitty 5/1/1996

Siouxsie 5/1/1996

Ginger- in loving memory- 5/4/1996

Niggie 5/5/1997

Taffy 5/5/1993

Cali 5/7/2000

Cleopatra 5/7/1989
Catster ID unknown

Jack 5/9/2006

Scout 5/9/2006

Bella 5/9/2006

Marley 5/9/2002

Princess Nikki 5/10/1998

Tabitha 5/10/1992

Bear 5/10/1995

Samoa 5/10/2000

Gracie 5/12/1999

Bruce 5/12/1993

Fifi 5/13/2006

Smokey 5/15/02

Fluffer 5/15/1991

Carey Girl 5/15/1991

Miss Dback 5/16/1996

Kalli- in loving memory- 5/16/2003

Joey Bear 5/16/????

Max 5/16/????

Blue 5/17/????

Gussie 5/18/????

Suki 5/24/1987

Punky 5/30/2002

Bonita- in loving memory- 5/30/1987

Chica- in loving memory- 5/30/1987

Charlie 5/31/????

BeauBeau May date uncertain

I addition to these 36 very special kitties, there are 3 April birthdays that we feel compelled to recognize, so I will turn the floor over to my sister, Miss Dback to do those honors! Take it away DB...

♥Miss- Dback- ILM♥

I'm mommy's- little angel
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 10:40am PST 
Oh, thank you Tayla. As she said, there are three kitties we want to recognize. First, we want to recognize our beloved brother, Buster, who died the night before his birthday, early last month. His last act on Catster was to share his birthday with a dear friend, who did not have a birthdate of her own. He said birthdays were for sharing, that we should always remember that. And so, dear Buster, we have. This party is in honor of your memory, and in honor of all kitties who share your vision of sharing and caring.

So, we wish to recognize Buster and his dear friend Callie, whom he shared his birthday with. The last kitty, is Kassie, at Rainbow Bridge, who has worked very hard to round up the Bridge kitties with May birthdays so that htey are not forgotten. Thank you, Kassie dear.

Here are the links to the last three names:

Buster 4/4/2001

Callie 4/4/1994

Kassie-in loving memory- 4/10/1997

No remember, we will update this throughout the afternoon...so please be sure to let us know about any kitties whose names were not included! Thanks for coming, and have a good time. Now- I'd like to turn the floor over to Ginger Belle, our co-hostess.

♥Ging- er- Belle&hearts- ;

Small but tough!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 10:46am PST 
Welcome friends, to the first annual May birthday celebration. This year, we are having a Hawaiian Luau. Right now, there is brunch served. You will find the brunch buffet over there...be sure to try the smoked salmon, it is excellent! Over to my right, is the beverage center. There is a large cream fountain in the center overflowing with nice, cold cream. There will be catnip coolers served later at the Luau. The main buffet is in the middle, and there is a separate dessert area just beyond that. There will be a large cheesecake for the birthday kitties, and we will cut the cake between 3-4 p.m. We have a limbo contest planned later on, and dancing, including a conga line! So, right now, relax and make yourselves comfortable. and now, for a word from Princess Nikki.


♥Prin- cess- Nikki&hearts- ;

Furever Loved
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 10:49am PST 
Hello everyone, and many thankful meows to those of you who stopped by my page and left stars and rosettes for my birthday, this past Thursday. Much appreciated. I just want to recognize the hard work of our dogster friends who are over there in the back of the room decorating. We appreciate your efforts. And yes, Emma- there will be Frosty Paws for you later!!!!

Queenie ~- Sweet Angel

~ With my Julesy- now ~
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:01am PST 
wave Effuryone!!

Wow!! This place looks wonderpurr!! You all certainly have gone through so much trouble.....I am sure Buster is smiling down from the bridge with pride!

Since this is only a brunch, I have brought some FISH SHAPED SANDWICHES along for you all to enjoy! kitty

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NIGGIE- Forever my- Love

I have a dream!- I am still- Niggie!!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:13am PST 
Hi Everyone,
I am so happy to be here and a very Happy Birthday to Princess Nikki, so nice to have friends to celebrate my birthday with too !
I am wearing my Hawiian shirt for the occasion and my mom has updated my page with a beach theme and special Hawiian music!
Everything looks great and I cant wait to get my paws on some food!
Happy birthday to everyone and a special Happy Birthday to Buster, we wish you were here with us.....................Niggieparty

Queenie ~- Sweet Angel

~ With my Julesy- now ~
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:26am PST 
wave Niggie!! Oh my, you look so purrty!!!!

party Happy birthday to you!!!!!!!

Ted E. Bear- "Bear" for- short

I Am Daaaa-Bear!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:30am PST 
Hi Everyone!! wave wavewavewave

I'm so happy to be invited to this party! My brother belongs to the Rainbow Bridge group and told me I was invited! This is exciting for me, I have just one problem, meowmy has to go out and spend time with the human kids cause tomorrow is one of them's birthday and dad's birthday is Mon. so they are going out. frown

But I'm gonna sit here in the corner and rest and when they get back meowmy said she would let me get on line and join the party.

I just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY and Happy MEOWMY'S Day to all the kitties and the meowmy's. party party party party party party

So, shh shhshh I'm gonna be really quiet and I'll pop out of the cake in a little while. laugh out loud

See ya soon!!

Angel- Kashmere- 5/1/01~4/21/- 09

I'm as quiet as- a mouse!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:35am PST 
Happy Birthday to all of the May kitties and even those mentioned fur April!
hug party cheer applause

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Don't leave me- alone!!
Purred: Sat May 12, '07 11:35am PST 
*squeaksqueak* We are here!! This looks amazing!! Thank you so much for having this party for all of us!! I like the idea to share my birthday!!

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