Question about Soft Paws! ^-^

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Cute and deadly
Purred: Fri Apr 13, '07 1:50am PST 
Hey There! I was wondering can my cats still climb their little tree house if they get soft paws? And will they still be able to jump to high areas? My bed is really high off the ground and I am concerned they will not be able to get up if they get these. kittykittykittykittykitty

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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '07 1:06pm PST 
Hi Yumi. We have never used soft paws but I know lots of kitties that have. I don't see a problem with you climbing and jumping.

You can find more information on their website. I looked around and it is filled with good stuff.


Good luck!kitty


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Purred: Fri Apr 13, '07 4:41pm PST 
Yumi, I wear Soft paws. I have no problem running around or jumping up on anything. I just cant claw or scratch anything. I can still scratch myself though. I only wear them on my front claws.