Some Fabulous Ferals Have Arrived!

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Fabulous- Ferals

Feed a- Feral!

Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 10:32am PST 
Hey Catsters,

We are the Fabulous Ferals. We live under a big old house where the Lady Who Feeds Us lives. The Lady Who Feeds Us is the Mommy of Lucky Boo, Sir Thomas, Dutch, Luna, and Sindri. They have been on Catster for a long time, but the Lady wasn't able to get any pictures of us ... until yesterday!

She has been feeding us for several months, and the more she feeds us, the less timid we are around her! Of course, we are feral kitties, so we don't let her pick us up or even pet us (although three of us let her scratch our heads while we were eating yesterday). Two of us are kittens though, and if we'd just let someone catch us we might be able to live as housekitties, like Sindri. He was young enough that when he was caught, he was able to adapt to life as an indoor kitty. But so far, we aren't letting ourselves be caught!

But we do appreciate her because she gives us food! She is trying to think of a way to get us fixed, but we don't like the sound of that so we are crossing our paws that we won't be fixed.

We're very shy and timid, but we would love to have some Catster pals and we just wanted to introduce ourselves!

The Fabulous Ferals

Magnificent- Seven

Feral Cats- Deserve Good- Lives Too!
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 11:09am PST 
wave Yay!! Welcome to the Fabulous Ferals!! applause

We are the Magnificent 7 and we have a Lady Who Feeds Us too!! Most of us don't let her touch us but we get pretty close! She's been feeding us for several years. We've all been "fixed" now and it's not too bad, we pawmis!! way to go

The Cats Who Live Indoors - Dexter, Molly & River - are furriends of Lucky Boo and family.

So lets all be furriends!! We will send a furriend invite - yay!!dancing

Jessica - An Angel Now

Meow And Look- Forlorn
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 12:22pm PST 
Meows and Welcome! Mom's been feeding me since I was a kitten. It took her ages to trap me and I do not want to be tame. I have many houses to sleep in, and I am well fed. I play with my younger siblings through the windows.

Mom is still trying to catch two other kittys and get them neutered. This morning she put the trap out and no one showed up! MOL!

We ferals are too smart!

Little Red- (Angel- 6/11/12)

Red-Headed- Stepchild
Purred: Wed Mar 28, '07 2:30pm PST 
Hi guys!!!

Me and my catfamily love ferals. My catster girlfriend is feral. Her name is Torti Girl.
Sending a friend invite ASAP!

Little Red

Fabulous- Ferals

Feed a- Feral!

Purred: Thu Mar 29, '07 10:49am PST 
Meow Meow!

Thanks for all the Feline Friend Requests and treats, kitties! You all are making us feel right at home here at Catster!

We're off to accept our requests now! Thanks again!

Maggie May

fix your feline!
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 7:08am PST 
Good luck to the lady that feeds you. You sure are a pretty bunch and I'm glad she's able to help you guys out!

Cleo,- 1998-2007

Verticle Stripes- are Slimming
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 8:40am PST 
Hi Fab Ferals!

Glad to here you're doing well and getting such good care! Has your feral mom ever checked out Alley Cat Allies? It's in MD, but they're a national feral org and have some ideas and tips about caring for fabulous ferals.


I <3 Twister
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 12:10pm PST 
Hi!! I looove feral kitties! (not just because im a feral)WELCOME!!

Fabulous- Ferals

Feed a- Feral!

Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 4:38pm PST 
Thanks everyone! Up until today, the Lady thought there were just five of us Fab Ferals... but when she got home from class she discovered yet another one! An adult tabby. He/she was very shy and the Lady couldn't get a picture. But she will try to eventually!


Pet Me!
Purred: Fri Mar 30, '07 10:03pm PST 
Hi, Fab Ferals!!! smile

I'm new, too(just joined a few minutes ago) *and* I'm feral(or was feral), too! I was caught as a little kitten, but was raised indoors by my humans and other domestic furblings so I adapted quickly. smile No one believes that I was once feral when they meet me because I looooove people! smile I'm so happy to meet you all! smile

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