Cat Bathroo Problem

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Buga Loo

Buga Loo-
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 7:00am PST 
Buga Loo here. I don't like going to the bathroom inside my litter box and my mommy does not like that I go outside my litter box. What should my mommy do? Please answer!!!!"Major Problem" says mommy.


Cute Calico
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 5:08pm PST 
I'm not sure me and Tish always go out in the garden we only use the litter box for the first week we came home maybe your mommy can put newspaper under the box that way you don't dirty the floor or she could pick you up ad put you in the center of the litter box when you need to go good luck.

Basil- (Remembered- with Love)

Our Beautiful- Angel
Purred: Mon Mar 12, '07 8:58am PST 
Hi there!

If this is a new problem, please get to the vet to make sure you don't have an infection. That is super important. If your mom knows because of your past behavior that there is not an infection, here's some things to try:

The first thing is something your mom probably does already, but keep the box really, really clean. In addition to regular scoops, wash the box in warm soapy water a couple times a week. Do you have a covered box? That is always a good idea, too. If your mom can find it, Feline Pine is a very good litter. You can mix it in a little with your old litter until you are used to it if you need to. If it is possible, when your mom sees you start to "dig" at the floor (like you have to "go") she should pick you up and take you to your box. Then she should make a very big fuss over you and give you a treat for going in the box. Have there been any big changes in your house lately? That might be making you potty outside the box too. The best thing to do is to try to watch you (hard to do all the time) for the digging sign and take you to the box. Oh yeah, once you've gone outside the box, have your mom super-duper scrub where you went so that the smell isn't there anymore. Tell her not to use Lysol though because we have read that there is an ingredient in it that makes kitties sick to their stomach. It will get better. Tell mom thanks for hanging in there. I hope this problem gets better for both of you.
Good luck,


Hairy just like- my fav hobbit's- foot
Purred: Mon Mar 12, '07 11:45am PST 
Have you tried a different brand/type of liter. Some of us kitties can be really picky about the type of liter. I started with Yesterday's News (which is not a clumping liter, it's a clay liter), I would go potty in it, but more than anything I liked playing with it and Mommy didn't like that. Now I use Tidy Cats Small Spaces and the first day I had it I kicked all of it out of my liter box and laid in it rather than using it to go potty, but Mommy got me a closed liter box so now I don't do that and I actually really like this new liter.

Hope this helps and I hope you use your liter box soon...it's nice to have one place to do your business in!