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Does your cat knead?

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Purred: Wed Feb 21, '07 7:34pm PST 
Teddy's mom here! Teddy kneads a lot, twice a day. He also chirps and butts his head up against me. Most of the time, he does it without warning, but sometimes I "invite" him by whistling or clucking.

Does your kitty ever do this?


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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 8:33am PST 
if your on about when your cat paws at thing yeah all the time yes and sometime they get a bit rough with the head


Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 9:30am PST 
Do I knead...DO...I...KNEAD!!! I have a need to knead...ALL of the time! laugh out loud I knead so much that if Mom doesn't keep my nails clipped back to nubs she has welts covering her neck from my kneading! shock
I know, it's a little shocking but I really NEED to knead, it makes me happy cloud 9 Oh yeah,I also need to DROOL while kneading.I drool so much that Mom's shirt collar is DRIPPING wet by the time that I am done. Mom think's that I'm wierd but she loves me because of my wierdness wink

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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 10:11am PST 
MOL Diesel! I drool too! Also when I'm kneading and when I'm pet! I love to knead! If makes me feel good! big grincloud 9


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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 10:27am PST 
I love to knead. And I purr the whole time while doing it (but no drooling). The thing is, I don't just knead mommy and daddy. I also knead blankets, beds, couches, daddy's shirts...just about anything soft! I also talk a lot and like to scent-mark everything. My parents like to think it means I am happy and content.

Mollie- McGuinness

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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 11:29am PST 
I knead, but my sister Maggie does not... so I knead Maggie

Alfie♥Forever Loved

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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 11:50am PST 
Hi Diesel, hi Jefke, yea we are droolers and kneaders. I NEED TO KNEAD and my mom's neck is my fave place. She dared to push me away this morning cause my nail were hurting her.SORRY MOMMY!!
But she cut them so we are all set for tonight..Oh yea, I end and begin the day with kneading!
Those of you haven't yet why not join our fun group
I knead you!
See you there


- The Mice Slayer
Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 12:40pm PST 
I've sent a request! cheer Hopefully they'll accept! I've asked my mommie a couple of times to buy me a kneading blanket *giggles*


Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 4:20pm PST 
Ariel drools, "makes bread", attempts to groom my face, gives Eskimo kisses, and head butts hard enough to knock my glasses off. She gets really into it. I have to keep her claws clipped too because it hurts my neck and throat! I was thinking of buying her a catsifier for bedtime because sometimes she keeps me awake. Do any of you needy kneaders have one? Do you like it? I'd love to know!


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Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 4:57pm PST 
I have only kneaded once while I was being pet and I was purring away. But my mommy tells me that my fur-brother Snowball who is at the Rainbow Bridge used to be a knead-a-holic. He especially loved to knead the teddy bears and the tickle me Elmo so in the middle of the night she would hear 'hehe, that tickles.' She says there was something 'dirty' about that but it was hysterical. I have yet to do that laugh out loud

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