Happy Birthday to my Baby Sister!


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I know she is a dog, but she likes to consider herself to be a demadog! She's a huge Gore Fan and she really likes Barack! If you can, please go visit my sister Blue Belle and wish her a Happy Birthday! Since she loves cats, it will mean a lot to her.

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party *Meow Happy Birthday to Demadog Blue Belle* party

cheer Blue Belle even has "Blue" in her name!! cheer

snoopy Happy Happy Birthday Blue Belle snoopy

I will go leave her some blue bones!!



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Ok, technically it's still her bday as it's not midnight catster!!! HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!!!! partypartywishes

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Oops! I'm late! Happy Belated Birthday! party

Hope Blue Belle had a pawsome day! wishes

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Ah happy belated birthday tah yah!!!!

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