How did you get your name?

If you are wondering what is the right cat for you, this is the place to be. In this introductory forum we talk about topics such as breed vs. mix, size, age, grooming, breeders, shelters, rescues as well as requirements for exercise, space and care. No question is too silly here. This particular forum is for getting and giving helpful, nice advice. It is definitely not a forum for criticizing someone else's opinion, knowledge or advice. This forum is all about purring and learning.

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I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 7:53am PST 
My Mommy 's VERY first cat when she was a very little girl was a gold tiger. It was the only cat that her family had when she was young--and she is not sure who was there first--Mommy or the gold tiger cat. Like most cats who live in homes with human children, this cat has a very 'original' name: Goldie.

Mommy's first as a grownup was Spice. That was the name the humane society had given her. Mommy just kept the name because she didn't know if a cat should have its name changed...and, anyway, she liked the name Spice. Spice's name fit her. It fit her coloring and it fit her Spicy personality. Mommy said that if she had had to choose a different name for Spice, it would have been Scarlett, because she simply seemed like the character Scarlett O'Hara...the aloof belle who only treated those she loved nicely.
Mommy didn't know what to name me. She picked me before she picked my name. I had been given the temporary name of Matilda...but that did not fit. I came home not long after Spice had left a big, sad, empty place in the house. Mommy searched for names and meanings. She decided on Phoebe...because 'Phoebe' means 'bright one' and Mommy said that having me brought brightness and light back into the house.
For awhile while I was really a silly kitten she questioned just how 'bright' I was, and said maybe my name should have been 'Goofball.' But, now, Phoebe really does fit me.

How did you get your name?

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House of- Brindles- Commander-In-Chi- ef
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:07am PST 
My mommy is a really big fan of Saul 'Slash' Hudson, guitarist extraordinaire. She couldn't call me Slash, so she called me Hudson instead.

Actually she had 3 names picked out for me, but I think Hudson suits me best.

You can call me Huddy, though.


Bullet cat
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 6:16pm PST 
My name came from the place where I was found. I was a stray that was rescued by my loving daddy, I am the biggest sook to him to this day. Check out my page to get the whole story it's under the arrival story section. It's a really cool story. After my name was already set I started standing on my back feet to get head rubs, which also suits my name and my dad's love of doing 'wheelies' on his motorcyle. My bro's name is Charlie (kinda boring, eh), He is my mom's first cat scince she's lived on her own and I guess she just wanted a simple plain name, but it really suits him. My name rules just like I do in this house.


Who me? Rrrr- meh?
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 6:40pm PST 
Aurora's first toy was a beanie baby of Maleficent's dragon in Sleeping Beauty. I had thought of Briar Rose first, and then my husband decided to call her Aurora which I liked much better. Then when we got Ariel we decided to keep the Disney thing going. Then Bond was named for his tuxedo and huge golden eyes. He was originally going to be Stitch, but didn't have a Stitch personality.


One handsome- devil
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 6:41pm PST 
Because I get in trouble a lot.


Shrimp makes- everything- better
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 6:55pm PST 
I'm named after Carson Palmer, quarterback for the Bengals. Mainly, mom chose the name because she went to USC and so did Carson but he's a Bengal and so am I...!

My brother Barkley is named after Charles and my other brother Griffey is named after Ken Griffey, Jr....

Mr. Jones

Mr. Jones and- Me..look into- the future..
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:07pm PST 
My Maw and Paw were contemplating what to name me, when the song "Mr. Jones" by the Counting Crows came on the radio. That was it, the name suited me perfectly.


Strayed into my- life
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:09pm PST 
Well, since I'm SO sleek, sophisticated, and beautiful, my Maw and Paw named me after the very distinguished actress, Audrey Hepburn smile


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Mon Feb 5, '07 8:25pm PST 
I am named after the good Doctor, Hunter S. Thompson.


Got Food?
Purred: Wed Feb 7, '07 6:08am PST 
I'm named after Sawyer on Lost. My mommy fell in love with the name while watching that show. (Not to mention how hot she thinks that Sawyer guy is).

Sawyer kitty

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