Cat Ulcers

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Purred: Sun Jan 7, '07 2:20pm PST 
Has anyone ever had something called Rodent Ulcers and if so, how is it treated? Ihave these and they keep coming back. The vet gives me a shot but it doesn't last long. I was wondering if there was something else I can do. Help me out if you can.


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Rodent ulcers can be very frustrating to treat. A wide variation of treatments have been applied in cases of eosinophilic granuloma, reflecting the lack of any one uniformly successful treatment, and the unsatisfactory outcome of treatment in many patients. It would seem that the most successful approach is a four to six week course of the steroid prednisolone. This may resolve the lesion, but, if not, it may be followed by cryosurgery - a double cycle of controlled freezing and thawing. Although this inevitably leads to some scarring, recurrence seems less frequent than with other methods of treatment. In some cases Ovarid has also been used successfully. Whatever treatment is used, recurrence is common and the treatment may have to be repeated.

http://www.m arvistavet.com/html/body_eosinophilic_granuloma.html


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I have had two ulcers on my upper lip, one right after the other. Luckily they did't bother me and went away without treatment, and I've had no other problem (Mom is knocking on her desk--does she think someone's at the door?). I'm afraid I'm not much help, but Hunter always gives excellent advice. Best of luck with this frustrating problem!