Too big or too small?


Bug Killer- Extraordinaire
Purred: Thu Jan 4, '07 11:18pm PST 
My mom used to have a kitty that liked boxes too small for his Maine Coon body. Me, I prefer to have room to roll around and chase toys into them! Though I will sit in smaller boxes, I prefer the bigger ones.

What about you?

Cookie (Olde- Dirty- Angelman)

I'm the O.G.,- mofo
Purred: Tue Jan 9, '07 6:32am PST 
I like them snug. Lately, I've been sleeping ON a box. Mom got a package in the mail, and I appropriated the box before she got to open it. She finally opened it, them she taped it back up and set it in the hallway in front of the front door, where I've been for 3 months now. I got a catnip mat for CHristmas (except I found it in early November, fell in love with it, and she let me have it early, since I'm almost 20). She put the catnip mat on the box, and I'm in 7th heaven. Boxes rule!

Chip ~- Furrever- Loved

Who wants to - play?
Purred: Fri Jan 26, '07 6:40pm PST 
boxes, any size....I'll try to get in them or on them, however I can be next to them. We have boxes that we've trained our humans to keep around the house that we can lay in anytime we want! applause
I'm not picky about the size, as long as it's a box.