What Do You Least Like About Your Bristol????

Fern (1996- -2010)

FEEEEED- me!!!!!!!
Purred: Sun Dec 17, '06 1:41pm PST 
And what do you not like about where you live???

Charlotte-Ro- se

Tail Wags
Purred: Sun Dec 17, '06 1:45pm PST 
This is sooo easy!!!

In the summer the roads are so gridlocked at weekends - especially the motorways, you cannot go anywhere except at ridiculous time of the day!!!!!

Flea Bit

Born to Boogie!
Purred: Mon Dec 18, '06 7:55am PST 
we have crappy neighbors, when we moved in, nobody came over to say hello or introduce themselves...... i'm waiting for our new shopping center to open, especially the new restaurants we're suppose to get, should be good stuff!!

Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce, cat- for luxe types
Purred: Thu Feb 22, '07 8:53am PST 
the worst thing about our bristol is that our bristol has the oldest parade in the country - the fourth of july parade. people come from all over the place to see it, but it causes so much chaos & traffic & litter that it makes us want all the tourists to go away!


Our Dear Abby
Purred: Tue Apr 3, '07 9:21pm PST 
Hmmm...the only thing I can think of is that the apartment is a bit too small. Mom and Dad are pack rats, and there's not enough room for me to chase my feathers! But that's really a very small complaint; after what I've been through I'm happy to have a home with people that love me!