can't leave water alone

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little princess
Purred: Fri Nov 24, '06 2:30pm PST 
My mom and dad need help. I keep playing with my water dish and make a huge mess on the floor with the water. My water dish is one of those stainless steel ones with the rubber on the bottom so it move around, but I love to hit the sides of it and splash water and I think there is a toy underneath it so I try to get it.


Sakito Burrito
Purred: Sat Nov 25, '06 9:55pm PST 
Ah, something I am notorious for as well. My mama got me one of those bottom heavy water dishes that I can't get my paws under. it's is also attached to my food dish via a metal ring. Another option could be one of those over-sized water dispensers that you fill a tub of water, and it lets the water freely flow into an attached dish. Those are near impossible to tip or knock around.

☆Zoril- la☆

When in- Doubt...PURR!
Purred: Sun Nov 26, '06 12:25am PST 
Mom says I have this same problem, I say it's my game.
We have one of those big water cooler things that re-fills its self so I can't get my paws under it. To solve this small hurdle, I just run into it until the bowl tips and the water ends up on the floor.
I do the same with the food dishes, mom has given up all hope in training me to leave my dishes in one spot.
Let us know if you find something that works.


One handsome- devil
Purred: Sun Nov 26, '06 1:37pm PST 
I, too, liked to take a whack at my water bowl. I even liked to bring my little toy mice and drop them in there, where they would get all nice and soggy, and then try and whack them out again. Mommy got mad cause I made a mess frown

Now I do not have a water bowl anymore. There is a bathroom upstairs that is seldom used, and she will plug the sink and let some water sit in the bottom. So now I drink from there and can drop my mice in it all I choose.

*note* a bathtub also works just fine for this.

Frankie,- Dreamboat- Angel

Spa Meow,- President
Purred: Sun Nov 26, '06 2:33pm PST 
I put my pipecleaners in my water dish. I also like to put my empty food dish on top of my water dish. Did I mention EMPTY? I like water in glasses, too, and will knock it over, if I can't fit my face in it.

Squeakers- (Gone Too- Soon)

Furever my love
Purred: Sun Nov 26, '06 3:59pm PST 
Maybe you should get a Drinkwell? That way you won't be able to move it, although it is easy to splash if it's filled high enough

Xena the Brave

I'm A- Survivor!!!!!
Purred: Sun Nov 26, '06 5:56pm PST 
I don't know about splashing the water out of the water dish but my human daddy keeps finding either me or my sister Gypsy sleeping in our water dish. We just love water...........in fact we even jump in with him when he is taking a shower or a bath!!!!!!!! So he has to be really carefull to check the bathroom and make sure we aren't in it then quickly shut the door before we can sneak in.

Samson- (R.I.P.)

Purred: Mon Nov 27, '06 8:27am PST 
What my humans want to know is WHY we suddenly start to play with our water, splash it on the floor and drop our toys in it. We used to be perfectly happy just to drink our water. Don't they know by now that we are enigmas!? (But seriously, why do we do this?)


"Don't come near- me but don't- leave me"
Purred: Mon Nov 27, '06 6:25pm PST 
hehehehe my 'roommate' thinks i do this b/c i need to "SEE" the water move to make sure it's there for me to drink

tee hee heee

i actually do it to wake up the aqua fairy ( '-')


Feeties, its all- about my- feeties!
Purred: Tue Nov 28, '06 2:38pm PST 
Water...we are talking water....*jumping around excitedly*...I love water, playing in the sink...in the shower with mommy.....my water dish....my sister's water dish....just give me water....but my mommy is smart unfortunately.

My trick was to dump my water dish and my sister's every day (or more than once a day) then my pet sitter Miss Tammy would have to clean it up (don't know why she didnt just play in it). Mommy got smart, bought the weighted, flip proof bowls for me and my sister. She got the BIG ones so they are really heavy when full.

She also thought she shouldnt take water away from me, so she gave me my own water play place. In our kitchen sink (it is the type with two sinks next to each other) she put a disposable roasting pan in one side and filled it with water. I can now go play in that all I want, because it is in the sink it prevents a mess for mommy and Miss Tammy and because I have that I dont need to mess with my bowls.

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