Kitty needs a name, in a bad way!

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Marshmallow- Charlie

Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 11:05am PST 
We have had our beautiful male blue point siamese male kitten for 2 months now and we can't agree on a name!

We have 4 children and kids are in tears of the name of the kitten!

We have the name Charlie (mom actually suggested it) and the 2 older children really want to call him that.

5 year old has been wanting to call the cat Marshmallow since day one. In fact he said a few weeks ago that the blue points are his toasted parts... ahhhh We all like that story... but my 11 year old was in tears over calling him that... Dad, mom and 5 year old thinks he looks like a marshmallow.. he's white and very soft and fluffy.

We also thought of Oscar... he has kind of bushy eyebrows like Oscar the grouch... but my 8 year old hates that name... to tears.

What's a family of 6 to do ... the poor kitty deserves a name.

My husband really wants a name that means something.. so when you see the cat you know that it's him.. My other seal point siamese is Gizmo because he looked liked Gizmo from the Gremlins, and finally we have Onyx and of course he is pure black!

Other names/ideas greatly appreicated!


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Why don't you have each family member pick their favorite name and then put the suggestions in a hat and pick one. Or, write the names out on pieces of paper and lay them on the floor, pick the first name that the kitty goes to. Good luck.


Little boy in a- cat suit
Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 11:14am PST 
Since I think he looks like a Marshmallow AND I have a little girl who is almost five (who would probably side with your five-year-old child), I'm voting on that name.

For no particular reason, though, I like the name Henry. I think he'd make a fine Henry.

One of my childhood kitties was a chocolate point siamese named Jasmine Samantha (all my kitties have middle names). What about Sam? Or Jazz? Of course, those names wouldn't have meaning to you, but I think they're cute.

I've been no help. Sorry!

Binks' mommy


I'm Fusky! (I'm- furry and I'm- husky!)
Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 11:17am PST 
Names are tricky.
My Mommy was told that her name was supposed to be Elizabeth, but her older sister (who was 7 when she was born) did not like the name (Mommy does) and so they called her Patricia after a nickname my Mommy's Mommy had as a litle girl (Princess Pat---I guess one of the royal family in England in the early 1900's had that nickname.)

When Mommy found me at Petsmart, she found some paperwork that said the first family who took me and brought me back for trying to wreck their carpet had named me Matilda. I obviously disliked that name..being a Smart Pet I made them dislike me enough to bring me back to Humane Society so I could find my REAL forever Mommy.
Mommy also did not like the name Matilda. All she could think of was the Australian National Anthem, Roald Dahl, and that terrible song that says something about 'take me money and run Venesuela.'

It still took her awhile to name me. She settled on Phoebe because it means "Bright One" and I brightened up her life after Spice left her.

regarding Marshmallow....
My Mommy's best friends had a cat they called Marshmallow...but shortened it to Marshy for short. My Mommy loves nicknames. She would probably call the cat all kinds of names like Mr. Mallow or Toasty...or Sir Toast-a-lot.
All of the best cats go by more than one name.

As for Oscar...as much as I love my Grocho Marx eyebrows, I am glad my name is not Groucho.

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Spice- (1988-May- 27, 2005)

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Phoebe's Mommy here (again.)
Spice was my first cat. She came from the humane society also and they had named her Spice. In her case, the name fit and I kept it.
However, she also had several nicknames.

I just got back from the dentist (two old fillings being re-filled) and while he was drilling, (okay, maybe it was because my face was numb) I started thinking of a way that the kids might like the name Marshmallow (if you do go with it) better. I always make up little songs and sing them to my cat(s) and I thought (again, my face is still numb here) of the song "Mellow Yellow" with your children's names inserted where the song says "I'm just mad about ____and he/she's just mad about me" with the chorus "They call me Marshy Mallow."

It could work!

Smokey,- 2002-2016

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Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 3:15pm PST 
We like Marshmallow a lot. It fits perfectly. TO make your kids happy you'll need another cat though...


Zoom zoom!!
Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 4:57pm PST 
How about the name "Puff" ? Looks like a cotton ball!

Tabby (Tabitha)

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Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 5:13pm PST 
How about Charlie Marshmallow or Marshmallow Charlie? There's nothing wrong with two names.


One handsome- devil
Purred: Fri Nov 17, '06 7:38pm PST 
I agree that Marshmallow is a really cute name =) Pleasing 6 people is really hard though, there were 4 of us arguing over my name and in the end, mom just put her foot down because she was paying the bills!

If your older kid doesnt like the name, what about 'Mallow, S'mores, Peeps, or Stay-Puff? Hehe, and since Stay-Puff made me think of Ghostbusters, I'm gonna put it out there that he looks like an Egon. Or however you spell it.

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