I'm a Biter

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Purred: Sun Aug 27, '06 2:03pm PST 
Mommy love to play with me but I'm getting to rough she isn't very happy with my biting (Sigh) my sharp baby teeth hurt she says and stops playing with me.frown Plz help me i don't want to hurt anyone.


Queen of Troy
Purred: Sun Aug 27, '06 3:16pm PST 
I'm a biter too, and my Mum's hands are a mess. I don't like putting on my harness when I have to go somewhere, even if it is just out to the back garden to play. I'm very active and a bit aggressive so my Mum tries to use toys that don't get her hands in the way. Bouncy things on a string are good for that. Aside from this, she uses her hands more when I am calm so she can pet me and stuff. She tells me that I will calm down when I am older, but I need to learn what 'No Bites' means.

My Mum would be glad for any other advice people have for this problem. She doesn't want it to become a habit.


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy
Purred: Sun Aug 27, '06 5:23pm PST 
Your moms/dads definitley don't want it to be a continuing habit. For us kitties though, it's so much fun to be an attack kitty. I am 6 and I still attack my mom. Here are some lins to properly train and/or retrain kitties. Good Luck on the biting issues.
http://www. perfectpaws.com/agg.html
htt p://www.littleshelter.com/library/cat_no_scratch.htm

Azurine- Ambrosia

Purred: Sat Sep 2, '06 11:17am PST 
that is one of momsie golden rules , not bite, not even a love nip.. her say you should never use your hand or feet to play with kitty or puppy, only toys.. if I try to give her a love nip. her say no, you donot want to do that. I peek at her and let go, cause she has that look... mew Bluie


Mr. Attitude
Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 10:55am PST 
I'm a biter too, sometimes when mommy walk by I'll swat her leg and bite it, I bite to when I play, mommy thinks it's because I have no claws and thats my only defense, mommy tells me no biteing, but I never listen.
Maybe we should start a "Biters Club"


Angel and Demon- in one cat
Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 9:41pm PST 
Your kitty parents should yelp really loud and let you know it hurts! Then put you down right away and ignore you for awhile! The most effective punishment you can give a cat is to ignore her for awhile (like 5-10 minutes) immediately after the bad behavior. Let her learn that biting gets her no attention, positive or negative. And never play with hands and feet, always use toys. It will take awhile, but you will learn that hands and feet are not for biting. I am still learning too.


Pawsitivly- special girl
Purred: Sun Sep 3, '06 11:59pm PST 
We learned to blow in their face when they try to nip. It makes them think twice.