fatty degeneration of the liver

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Purred: Thu Aug 24, '06 1:14pm PST 
I have just begun the long road of recovery from some very severe health problems. I had lost weight rapidly and my liver had become as big as a grapefruit and as yellow. (I had laproscopic surgery.) I kept this to myself and mom didn't realize that I had two infected teeth. They hurt so much I couldn't eat and so I lost a lot of weight and my liver was damaged. After laproscopic surgery, dental surgery, a long hospital stay, many pills, IV's, force feeding and a special diet, I am recovering. (Also after mom paid about $2000, but she says I am worth it.) I feel like a new kitty and act like one too. All you friends of kitties out there, pay close attention if your kitties lose weight quickly. It is likely not a good thing when weight loss is fast. Take the kitty to a vet immediately. My vet said I got there just in time. My mom was really frightened, but I am much better now.


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Purred: Thu Aug 24, '06 5:14pm PST 
I am so glad you have recovered. Sounds like you have been through the works. Laparoscopy is so wonderful. I am so glad that there are vets (specialists) out there that are really learning how to perform these types of procedures.