Maine Coon, How big?

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Frito Lay

Seriously don't- poke at me
Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 2:44pm PST 
Okay I just adopted a supposed Maine Coon yesterday. I went looking at Maine Coon breeds on the board, and I don't see a simularity (everyone looks too small) . Everyones cat weighs around or is marked full grown at 10-12 pounds.

Forrest is 8 months, and weighs almost 12 pounds. My question is how big is Forrest going to get? I was told by the lady that he can grow up to five years old.

Not that it really matters, because I adore him. I am just really curious. Any thoughts?


Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 3:03pm PST 
I think the female ends up weiging somwhere in between 9 to 12 pounds and a male between 13 to 18,but those are just the breed standards I think

Bethany Hope- Piper- (Bethie)

The Diva Coon
Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 3:09pm PST 
Hi there, this is Bethany Hope and i am a Maine Coon. We take up to 4 years to reach maturity. i am 2 and have 2 years to go. males should get to about 20 pounds and females to about 15 pounds. my Mom knows all about maine Coons, so pmail if you have any other questions. Maybe we can help!

Meow, Beth


Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 4:04pm PST 
wow i wonder if i have some maine coon in me, i am quite large..

Mickey Piper- (We Miss- You)

Our Angel
Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 8:07pm PST 
Hi Strange:

This Mickey one of your friends and I think you are probably large because of the ragdoll in you. I am a Ragdoll and I know my bread gets fairly large. You are a beautiful color too. I just thought I would let you know. Say hi to your family.

Meow, Mickey

TGM Gimli DB- #101a

Play Hard, Sleep- Hard!

Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 8:17pm PST 
Hi Frito Lay, you are very handsome and you have awesome markings! You may get to be quite large. Have you seen some of the Maine Coons at cat shows? They are huge! I am Manx and we Manx grow until we are about 4 or 5 years as well.



Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 8:28pm PST 
thank you mickey, i wasnt sure how large rag dolls actually become, but thank you so much for the compliments. ill tell mommy you say hi, and hello and kitty purrs to your family too.

your very handsome

Xerox- (1999-2016)- ✟

I only play dumb
Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 8:37pm PST 
We have some friends that are purebred Maine Coon, and they are very large cats, 20 lbs for a male is not unusual. We have noticed that most people tend to tag all long-haired cats as Maine Coon. This accounts for the smaller weights that you noticed. True Maine Coons have very distintive faces, very lion like, and full ruffs. (Though the ruffs don't show up in young cats) When to we get to meet Forrest?


Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 8:39pm PST 
Here is the link for Breed Description Database, also the Cat Channel has a breed description. You can also put in a search for Verismo Maine Coons. Me and my brother are MC mix, my other brother is full MC. Males are larger, they can get to up to atleast 20 lbs. but my mommy has seen bigger. My brother is 1.5 yrs. ad he weighs 15 lbs. he's solid, the vet said he's going to be a big boy.

http://www.catfocused.com/choosing-a-cat/cat-breed-database. php


Purred: Tue Aug 22, '06 10:02pm PST 

wow that really sounds like me and my looks

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