Concern About Pet Salons: A Good Article to Read!

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Today, Wednesday, August 2, 2006, the Wall Street Journal has an article on the dangers of some pet salons. The title is: "Deadly Incidents Prompt Concern About Pet Salons," on page one, D section. Good thing to keep in mind, kitties! It also offers tips on what to do when you take your pet to a salon.

It's why our mom takes us only to her wonderfully accomodating vet group if we need any grooming, which is pretty rare, as you kitties know, in cats. Dogs are one thing--cats are just way too different! Especially for a grooming practice that sees mostly dogs!

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That's so sad! But don't forget there are those of us (groomers) out here who are very safety conscience. Cats are actually one of my specialties. I'm sorry if i seem overly sensitive, but it seems like all the pet message boards lately have posts about "Such and Such happened at this groomer therefore all groomers are evil and not to be trusted". It just isn't fair to lump us all together like that. Like any profession there are good and bad.

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How does a professional groomer who is KIND restrain a cat for nail trimmings?

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Oh, no, didn't mean to do THAT!

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depends on the cat, some cats will just sit there. some cats need to be held by the scruff - like a mama cat does to kittens, but just so they are laying on the table,not up in the air( this of course takes 2 people, one to hold, one to clip). i have to say in my experience many cat owners see this and think it is mean or rough, but if done properly is the gentlest and safest way to hold a cat for things he/she may not like. then there are some cats who cannot have their nails clipped without being sedated(at the vet of course- NEVER allow a groomer who is not in a vet clinic sedate your animals).

I also have to point out ( and please, I am NOT at all excusing what happened to these animals). But one must keep in mind even with the utmost care unfortunately things like this can happen. i don't mean overheating a dog, but sometimes there are underlying health issues that either the groomer, the owner or both weren't aware of. at our salon for example we will not take older animals for grooming without a health clearance from their vet simply because sometimes there are things that are beyond our control. i fortunately have never had this happen anywhere that i work, and goddess willing never will. but i do know people who have, and the owners were quick to blame the groomer, then it turns out upon examination by a vet that the animal died of a health issue that was not caused by the groomer. just my $0.02 FWIW

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Agreed. I work at a grooming salon and these things would never happen there. All groomers have to be licensed and there is never a time when any pet is unattended, espcially when on a table or when wearing a lead. And dogs should not be allowed to interact with each other at all! There is also a list of all the breeds that can not be kennel dried, including snubbed nosed cats like persians. A manager checks the kennels several times to make sure these rules are followed. Minor accidents can happen like a dog jerking suddenly while being shaved, but these are very rare and end up with minor cuts at the most. Or if the pet has health issues like a mole hidden under very bad matts that can be cut while being groomed. More often than not, it's the owners that bring their dogs or cats in very bad shape! Badly matted pets or dogs so flea infested that a pool of blood gathers when I bathe them from all the flea bites they have! I'm sure there are bad grooming places that are more lax with the way they run things but there are also good ones that know what they are doing. And remember that most of the time, people who pursue these careers do so because they love animals and will not want endanger them in any way.