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"Family" help

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Orange (Oct- '91-July- '06)

Purred: Fri Jul 7, '06 6:09am PST 
I show up in the 'family' section for that household nuisance otherwise known as 'the dog,' but he doesn't show up in mine. I wouldn't ordinarily mind this, but he's not such a bad dog. Plus, I can't stand it when things don't work right!

The link to the dog's page is:

Can anyone please help me with this?

Orange (Oct- '91-July- '06)

Purred: Fri Jul 7, '06 6:15am PST 
Oops, there it is. Mommy updated some of the information on my page, and now Jack shows up there.

But you can go look at him anyway. He's not a bad looking dog. Especially since his coat color complimented mine so darn well.


Make way for- me!
Purred: Fri Jul 7, '06 6:17am PST 
Hi Orange!
Are you talking about Jack? When I look at your page I see his pic and that he's your family.
Catster seems to be having a flea problem right now. Little glitches here and there that eventually will work out.