Which Litter Do you like????? Indoor Cats Only

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Angel- Captain,- Macaroni

Cowcats Rock
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 5:29am PST 
We have been using Scoop Away and like it best. We tried a different Scoop Away, and it didn't cover the odor. Also where do you keep your box?????

Donny the Astro-Kitty

My heart is- broke.
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 1:35pm PST 
We use the clumping litter, the brand sold by costco. Daddy likes it b/c he says that it creates a lot less dust than other brands. We don't mind using it, it's rather nice.

Mommy and daddy put all 3 of our litter boxes in the basement. We hang out in the basement half the time ourselves so we don't mind. They put two below the stairs and one in a corner behind an old washing machine. We use all 3 of them!

Arthur (Miss- You!- '93-'09)

Bucket of Fuzz

Purred: Sun May 28, '06 1:44pm PST 
We like Scoop Away, too! We haven't tried another brand that clumped as well.

We have two litter boxes, they're both in the spare bedroom that our mommy uses for storage.

Orca The- Killer- Kitten

It's a tux thing
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 5:15pm PST 
We use tidy cat with crystals. Mom has two litter boxes for us. One is in her bathroom and the other is in the computer room near the patio door.


Professor- Duckworth
Purred: Sun May 28, '06 7:35pm PST 
We use Swheat Scoop. We like it. My sister and I share a litter box, but Mommy scoops it out twice a day. We keep it in the den where Mommy's computer is , and our window perch, and all our cat toys. Mommy shuts us in there when they eat dinner. Seems they don't like cats jumping on the dining room table... silly humans.

Colleen - (Forever- Loved)

I'm Colleen,- Queen of The- Condo!
Purred: Mon May 29, '06 2:57pm PST 
Meow - My mommy uses Yesterday's News in my litter box. It's paper based, the bags are light (which mommy likes), and it does a pretty good job of covering up the odor.



Im the boss got- it
Purred: Mon May 29, '06 5:48pm PST 
we use fresh results by 8in1 brand we get it at walmart works great and is all natural

Merlin - An Angel- Forever

Purred: Tue May 30, '06 9:25am PST 
I use Scoop Away, too. My Human mixes in some Arm and Hammer Litter Box Deordorizer stuff into the litter to keep bad odors away. Any litter box deodorizer powder will work. My litter box is in the bathroom.


I'm cute and I- know it!
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 11:14am PST 
my mummy likes to use scoop away... it doesnt have dust like the other brands... and its very easy to clean.
We keep it in the far corner in the living room.. because there is no room in the bathroom.. and mummy doesnt want it in her bedroom ( we live in a 3 1/2 appartment)
Mummy cleans it every day, so you cant smell anything!! except sometimes when i just leave the litter.. MOL


I'm a cat- burgler,what's- your's is mine!
Purred: Tue May 30, '06 11:16am PST 
We use Tidy cat for multiple cats.

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