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Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 1:46am PST 
My mommy asked me to post her message because she is really having a problem with me. So her it goes:
I'm really hoping you can help me, I'm about at my wits end with Lexus. I've always had dogs, so I'm really new to cats and I feel like I'd doing something wrong. How do you discipline a cat? For starters Lexus is very small (about 5#) She can leap on counters so fast and I've tried putting cookie sheets on the counters and she'll knock them over and jump off-2 minutes later she's back up there again. I have some wicker, she keeps clawing at it. She has ALOT of toys and things she should claw at, but she'd rather claw at furniture. I've sprayed her with water, and it doesn't seem to phase her. We play with her and give her alot of love. But I honestly don't know how to show her she's being bad! HELP Please. I know how vets declaw cats, and I feel its inhumane. However, she's tearing up all my nice stuff and I'm really getting upset. Any ideas? Please let me know. With dogs, I know exactly what to do....but unfortunately with cats...I have no clue.
Thanks in advance. Lexus' mom (Daina)


Mommy's Daffodil
Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 3:58am PST 
Please tell your mom "NO" to declawing, you are right, it is inhumane. There are several things to try, our mom is still fighting with us about wrecking things, especially me *grins evily*. Different things work for different cats. Drsfostersmith.com offers many training aids for individual situations. There is the double sided tape, deterring sprays and Scccat to name a few. Your mom might have to try a few to find which works best for you. Then there certain kitties *blowing on paws and rubbing shoulder* who just don't give a hoot what mom uses, they just love the attention of being scolded. Tell your mom good luck!

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First of all, it's not inhumane to declaw--I'm totally declawed and it never affected my personality or hurt me at all. lol....people....


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Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 7:54am PST 
There have been many previous discussions on the topics of discipline and scratching/clawing...you might scroll down to earlier threads.

Also, many catsters have had "Soft Claws" and I am sure they will pop in and explain their experiences.

I will prowl and see if I can locate these lengthy threads and get back.


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Check "Tips & Tricks" for Soft-Paws-Claws...sorry, we keep getting the name confused and we are not morning cats so we are stuttering!

Also suggest do a "quick seach" from the little box at the upper right of the page...it will take you to posts of other catsters and humans in similar situations.


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I have virtually stopped scratching any furniture since my mistress installed sisal-covered scratching posts all over the place. The only thing that would feel better than sisal would be a big ole tree stump or something. It's all about resistance. Be patient and try offering optional surfaces. Keep those claws!


Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 2:39pm PST 
That thread about Soft Paws is down under Catster Central.

Another suggestion is that your mom could try the two sided tape available at pet stores specifically made for cats who claw furniture. It's not the best look, but it worked!

My mom added it for a few months to the corners of our sofas when I was clawing at them. During that time, she also got a scratching post with some type of rope stuff on it. I learned to claw it instead of the furniture and now the tape is off and whaaaalaaaaa - it worked!!


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Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 3:31pm PST 
Declawing. Wow, what a subhject!
Personally, I am declawed on my front paws. Forget about not defending myself, my back claws are lethal- (Mom says that's not a joke as she's been on the receiving end more than once). But, my family is careful about making sure I stay inside the house! I wouldn't be dealing with humans in the outside world!
Benjamin is NOT declawed. He wasn't out of control with scratching furniture, I was. Nothing helped. Mom was willing to try more, but Dad never was around cats before and was ready to give me away! (Literally) Mom took the lesser of two evils.
If you feel you need to go this route, make sure you have a good vet. If you're in the Philly area, I'll give you my vet's name & number.
It's not that we feel declawing is a good thing, we actually don't. But if you feel that's what you have to do, it's what you have to do.
Please, however, try the many options and aids written about here. Mom wished she had had more time to work with me!


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Purred: Fri Jan 6, '06 4:47pm PST 
IMO, IF declawing is going to be done to a cat, it should be done at a very early age. just like docking a puppy's tail. from my understanding, declawing is essentially amputating the toes at the first knuckle, this is my reason for thinking it should be done very very young.amputation is traumatic to any creature. i use soft paws on my kitties, and have no complaints.i would give that a try along with training first, i would only do the declawing as a last resort.

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Both Gremlin and I were declawed (front paws) before Mommie knew us. She thinks it's cruel and would never have it done to a cat, but has the dilemma that most apartment complexes require it. We're not sure how to get the landlord community to come around. . . for sure I've caused more "damage" to the apartment by my potty problems than I would have with claws, because all I'd have clawed would have been Mommie's furniture.

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