How to remove grease

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Flesh Gordon
Purred: Wed Jul 9, '08 11:32am PST 
How do I remove Grease spots off my kitten? We bath weekly and use hypoallergenic/sensitive skin baby wipes daily for spot cleaning.

What are good products? How do I remove the darkness above her eyes? Looks like accumulated dirt. We rescued her from someone who let her get very dirty and covered in black heads.

Bonnie - In Memory

Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 1:13pm PST 
You can try a grease-cutting dish detergent!! But try just a little at first - I would suspect some kitties might be overly sensitive to the soap... As for the eyes, warm washcloths do the trick (although my Meowma used to use her fingers to wipe away the dirt - worked better than anything. Same with the ears - just used a pinky finger to clean the ears!).