hairless dog and cat

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vixon the boss
Purred: Mon Mar 31, '08 6:40pm PST 
we have a sphynx and a chineese crested it is really interesting they get along good and are playful together i do not miss the hair its alot cleaner but they are more maintance they eat more and also go to the bathroom more and they pass gas alot. maintaining nails ears and skin are importaint.more info contact me at sherylsperry@yahoo.com im happy to help in any way possible. other wise best luck.gonaked

Kitzie - In Memory

Purred: Thu Jul 30, '09 1:16pm PST 
Hello! Yes, we are a lot of work! I am a Rescue Sphynx (as was Bonnie, who is posting here, too), and I need a lot of cleaning and attention. And a LOT of food - I eat a lot, and so did Bonnie. I like being the only Kitty in the house, although the dogs at the vet dod not phase me one bit. They amused me...