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Hi, I had my first pedigree cat this time last year, I read a lot about Russian blues and wanted one for a long time. Bella is now 14 months old and is starting to show signs of wanting companionship. I don't want to have her spayed just yet as I wanted to give her the chance to have some kittens. However I don't know where to strt. We bought her from a breeder who said we could breed her if e wanted too, I have since contacted him and he said for her to be put on the 'active register' would cost around £200. He was also trying to put me off doing it. I have also contacted another breeder regarding a stud, he said he would let me use his stud whether or not Bella was on the register. Enviously though this would affect the price the kittens ere sold for. I really don't know what to do. At the moment Bella is an indoor cat but I let her go out in the garden sometimes. I would like to let her out but I'm afraid of losing her and don't know whether I have left it too late now anyway.
So any advice on this would be appreciatedsmile