Is my cat a Russian Blue (mix)?

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When I adopted my cat, Magnolia, the previous "care takers" claimed she was a Russian Blue and was the sister of another cat I adopted at the same time (I didn't want to break them up, as they seemed very close). Except, she is quite a bit different from her "brother", as she has a little thicker coat, which has white and orange in it. I am pretty confident that her "brother" is a Russian Blue, but is most likely a mix and not a pure Blue.


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I often wonder the same thing, I think my "Shadow" is russian blue and Bobcat. He weighs almost 20 lbs. Does anyone know if Russian Blues are known for large males? He is neutered as well.


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I have a Russian Blue & Domestic short hair mix.. He is 14 pounds, and only 10 months old.

I`m also wondering if it`s the Russian Blue that makes him a big boy.

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I've had two blue mixes -- both males. My bridge baby, Felix, was usually between 14 and 15 pounds. And while Coop has a much smaller frame than Felix, he's extremely long and weighs 13.

Traidtionally, true blues are known for being medium-sized cats, so I'm guessing their size is probably a reflection of whatever other breeds they've got in them! smile

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Koney appears to be a russian Blue mix too! 15 pounds is the ideal weight. 22 was the max. Koney is hovering at 15.5...Why are they so big? Koney is a very long cat. I thought it was an Ann Arbor thing???


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No. If the cat's sibling has a very different appearance, then it is NOT a Russian Blue. Many people mistakenly think a Russian Blue is a term for a gray cat but it is much more than that. It is a pedigree cat just like the Persian. If ALL of the litter were solid gray with green eyes, then it might be a Russian Blue.


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I also wonder if Bluzee is all Russian Blue , he has all the traits except the green eyes.