Russian Blue behavior or individual cat behavior?

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Purred: Sun Aug 9, '09 5:24pm PST 
Hawthorne was a stray but we're pretty certain he's a russian blue or at least part because he looks just like one. So I was wondering if most Blues act like him.

He's very shy, he hides when anyone comes, he even hides from my husband sometimes. He will only let me pet him and cuddles with me, and has finally recently started warming up to my husband. He gets startled very easily. I was always afraid that maybe he was abused as a kitten, but I thought I'd ask if it's normaly for most blues.

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It could be both, especially if you cat isn't used to people other than you and your spouse. However, I have read that Russian Blues become attached to one or two people and are really loyal. Our Blue really doesn't like it when people come into the house. A few people he'll sniff after while and be okay with, but others he'll hiss at and hide from.


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Hi, there --

I've had two blues -- my bridge baby, Felix and my almost-year old, Coopurr. Both of them are/were very attached to me. Felix would often hide when people came over to the house, and most of the time, Coopurr does the same.

Coop and Felix are also both alike in the sense that they both are/were "one-parent cats" -- following me all over the house, showing me tons of affection, and generally just trying to involve themselves in whatever I'm doing.

Hope this helps!
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Well we just got out 7 year old Russian Blue monday night. He doesnt seem shy at all. He is one of the most affectionet and vocal cats I have ever owned. He greets us when we come home and follows us around the house, talking to us. he likes to have his belly rubbed and will "paw" us if we stop petting him and he isnt done yet. Now the people we got him from had him for 7 years and he seems to be adjusting very well to new parents. I guess my "blue" doenst have a problem with new people. He hasnt been around anyone else but us yet, so we will see if he gets shy and hides