found a cure for my agressive russian blue

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Jack- Jumpin Jack
Purred: Sun Nov 23, '08 1:38pm PST 
a while ago i left a post here desperate for help with my very aggressive russian blue who was biting us bad...got lots of replys and suggestions and found that some others where in the same situtation..anyways we got ourselves a new kitten...and it cured him...he runs and plays with her all the time and doesnt bother biting us or being aggressive with us at all...best move ever..guess he just needed that attention...maybe someone else can try this if they need help...

Tom- Berzerker- Xyro Bosley

Crazy Pants- Magillicuddy
Purred: Tue Feb 17, '09 3:11pm PST 
That's amazing! We have consiered a second cat, but ours is so territorial we were worried we'd have to give it back (I kind of wished I could borrow a loaner cat). Maybe I'll look in to this. Thank you for sharing!