Tummy twoubles

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Timmy Tom- Tat

Nothing but- twouble
Purred: Thu May 22, '08 5:55am PST 
My name is Timmy. I am 9 years old and a purebred. Since I was very very little I have had major tummy troubles. I have an oversized bladder and have a problem with urinary stones and kidney stones. Mommy has to take me to the vet every couple of months for enimas and x-rays. I love to bite my vet. She buys very expensive perscription food and doesn't allow me to eat plastic. I love plastic. :meditateunch munch::

Do any of you also have this problem? What do you do to fix this?

Thank you


still purrin- loud n clear!
Purred: Sun Jun 15, '08 6:10am PST 
Well, i posted here just so you could know that somebody is reading this big grin Have to admit - this section of forums is somehow..abandoned.

And, well i've been very healthy cat. So, bcuz i can give you no answer or advise to that question, i think you should post it in the answers section or in the vet blog....

Lots of purrs


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Purred: Sat Jul 12, '08 8:37pm PST 
sorry to hear of your health issues frown
so far *knock on scratching post* I've been healthy in the time I've been with my mama.
Your mommy loves you very much to take such great care of you by taking you to the vets to get treatment. Some might not be so giving and caring.
High Paws to your mommy!!!

Luka smile