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Beloved- Maggie Moo- (92-08)

The Snuggle- Muffin
Purred: Sun Mar 11, '07 2:25pm PST 
mom is pretty sure i am part russian blue!
what is your thought?shrug


I've a right to- Grouchiness!!!
Purred: Mon May 7, '07 7:43pm PST 
I think I am part Russian Blue too. The vet says it's possible but hardly probable. Russion Blues have green eyes. Not yellow like mine. Mommy like to think that I am part of such a beautiful breed. The vet did say that she's never seen such a pretty blue coat before! dancing


Middy-The King- Of Jumping!
Purred: Mon Jun 11, '07 1:51pm PST 
You are both part russian blue. i am russian blue and tabby mixed. big grin

Graysen (In- Catnip- Heaven!)

Mr. Gray
Purred: Mon Jun 25, '07 1:56am PST 
Hey Maggie,

I saw your page and that you put Burmese. I used to live across the street from one and I think you do kind of have that facial shape like a Burmese-the nose too. I think that you are definitely a tortoiseshell pattern mixed in with your gray. I know there are several varieties listed on Catster like Tortoiseshell Smoke and Tortoiseshell Silver. Not sure what they all mean but I do know that there is one Tortie that has black and orange while you have the gray and orange so there must be two types for that. You are a pretty cat!

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Beloved- Maggie Moo- (92-08)

The Snuggle- Muffin
Purred: Mon Jun 25, '07 8:08am PST 
Thank you all for your help!
Mum talked to the vet he thinks i might have some BURM in me.

Doolin &- Daisy

I didn't do it!
Purred: Fri Aug 17, '07 2:35pm PST 
We are both Russian Blues Mixes! Our Momma was also up for adoption and she looked like a pure Russian Blue. But we aren't sure who our daddy is! Most likely a black tabby! It is very common to have yellow eyes, faint stripes or a little white tuft on our bellies, tails or paws!


I am the Divine- Ruler of the- Universe
Purred: Fri Sep 21, '07 5:07pm PST 
Hmmm. You look like some very beautiful bluecream British Shorthairs I've met at some cat shows. You have a gorgeous coat!


"*mew...mew.Mark- my words you- birds."
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 11:00pm PST 
I'm not sure but I think I'm part Russian Blue.

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