I think I am a ragdoll, what do you think?

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Purred: Wed Apr 18, '12 1:08pm PST 
I am a blue point with long hair but it doesnt feel like a maine coon. I am a year old as of february of this year and fixed. My eyes are just blue but a mixture of two colors, blue and sometimes in the right light, green or what looks like white. I am very smart in comparison to the other cats residing the household, I seem to know what my owner is saying sometimes, when she says come, I come. I am very vocal, I even go outside on the deck on a harness and watch the kids play.I like to chew on plastic, metal, rubber, paper, hair, basically anything I can get my mouth on that i cant swallow. I love playing with toddlers and even children. I am very jealous and protective of my human. I am also very energetic and lie to act out and do things i am not suppose to, I act like a kitten even though I am not. My human has never seen another cat with all the traits like me before and is very confused about what breed I may be. Although when she picks me up I do somewhat go limp although i have no problem after awhile biting her. What am I? http://www.catster.com/cats/1216674