Curious about your food

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Rudy (In Loving Memory)

The Little- Prince
Purred: Sat May 19, '07 10:31am PST 
What brand of food do you eat? My mommy give ms Hills KD dry (and adds 6 kernels of Hills TD into the bowl every day, for my teeth), and I always have an additional small separate bowl of Iams kitten food available (just to nibble on because I like it). Once in a while she gives me Figaro Tuna, Chicken Baby Food (yumm), or real cooked chicken.

So what do you all eat?

Matilda Lou

I am Spoiled!
Purred: Mon Jun 4, '07 5:06am PST 
Hi Rudy cloud 9

Great to see you again!

My mommy feeds me Felidae dry(Always available in a bowl at all times) and Wellness wet(a couple tablespoons a day). We are currently testing Chicken Soup for the cat Lovers Soul(a handful a day mixed with our Felidae), it is so much tastier than the Felidae. My sis Sophia is tearing holes in the bag as we type this message to you, it's just that tasty!!

Hope you find one you love too fur-friend cheer


Mamma Kitty
Purred: Tue Jun 12, '07 6:03pm PST 
My mommy feeds me Dads brand..

Thoth - He Will Be- Missed

Thoth is the- Espresso Cat
Purred: Mon Jun 25, '07 12:57pm PST 
Hello there. My breeder recommended that I eat Royal Canin Persian 30. She said that Persian 30 has special vitamins just for Persians. Also, the kibble is designed so a Persian can easily take the food into their mouth. You see, Persians pick up food with the bottom of their tongue, not the top like most other cats. Take a look here http://www.royalcanin.us/catfood/persian.html
for lots more good info.


Felica 1988 - 2007

Lady Fee, our- little angel
Purred: Mon Dec 31, '07 12:13pm PST 
We all get Iams low residue, dry and Friskies Special Diet, canned.


Can I have a- cuddle?
Purred: Wed Jan 30, '08 6:02pm PST 
We are all raw fed and love it. Since we are obligatory carnivores what better diet than raw meat? smile

Mr. Biscuit- Shadman

Purred: Thu Jan 31, '08 1:26am PST 
First of all, hello. . . mew hear. Love my foods I get a variety with my favorite TUNA real canned kroger tuna on Sunday Evenings or as I know it T-U-N-A nite. Chips are always available, which is Iams regular dry on the bottom, topped with science diet to prevent furballs.
My favorite is waking my parents up at ridiculously early times for breakfast. Have woke them up before at 5am. They don't seem to mind me playing them songs on the blinds and using their tummies as trampolines, sometimes they like to pretend their still asleep, so i go over and tickle them with my whiskers and if that doesn't work. Can always use the butt in the face trick, works every time. tee hee hee.
When thye finally get up we run to the kitchen and have one of our favorites for breakfast.
very favorite is the new green can tuna florentine, or chicken with egg, still like the old stuff on occasion

Angel- Heart's- SilverMoon- Light

Dancing Girl
Purred: Thu Mar 27, '08 7:37pm PST 
Hello's to yous kitty friend.
Yous no say if yous boy kitty or girl kitty. Boys kitty no suppose to eat tuna. It causes urin cristals and theys hurts bad. I's a girl kitty so I gets some tuna buts Charlie the daddy of my kitty babies he no get tuna. Mommy says shes would cry if Charlie gots christals.
Sence I's a mommy I eat kitten chow. I needs extra calcum. I loves chicken and ham buts I nevers tryed baby foods. Sounds soooo good. Tells me whats it tastes like.


Purred: Mon Jun 30, '08 9:52am PST 
We use Royal Canin Babycat 34 (for kittens up to 4 months). I tried mixing in Iams kitten but my kittens ate around it. When I replenished with just the Royal Canin- they ran over and started eating like they hadn't eaten for days!


mr planteater
Purred: Tue Sep 16, '08 8:58pm PST 
I eat Royal Canin Persian 30, same as Thoth up a few posts. My mommy likes that I get less hairballs and my fur is silky and soft.
SOmetimes for a treat, or when it is hot outside, she gives me a little canned Fancy Feast, I like the chicken with gravy.
I don't like most "cat treats" and I don't like humans' food, but I do like mommy's beautiful spider plant---wishes

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