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Grooming > How often do you wash your cats

Toe Lula- Tunnelworth

Whatever you do,- blame the dogs!!- ; )
Purred: Mon Jan 21, '08 4:16pm PST 
We know plenty of lucky cats that have never been bathed in their lives, but we all get baths and Mom trims all of our nails before she does it. We`re used to it and don`t sctatch or bite, but sometimes we try to grab stuff. The babies are getting used to it too-mostly because they`re confined at night and play in their litter box. (silly babies) That doesn`t do a thing for their white bits. Usually baths come before cat shows, going out to see people and whenever Mom feels like torturing us. We get blow dried and fluffed too, it`s humilliating but nice and warm! She says we`re sooooo pretty when we`re done, and she`s right, we just don`t ever want to admit it to her. She uses a shampoo, and conditioner on our coats that doesn`t dry out our skin

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American Curl > Shout out to other American Curls
Toe Lula- Tunnelworth

Whatever you do,- blame the dogs!!- ; )
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Curls are wonderful!!! We aren`t actually American Curls, but Impians. We`re Polydactyl Curls. We will happily visit with you, if you let us, our only major difference are our extra toes...
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