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My mommy is going to start us on a raw food diet. Until then we are eating IAM's dry multi-cat, which hasn't been recalled. Mom has just had it with all the recalls and she has been reading up on the raw diet. Daddy is going to find a grinder. If your mommy can afford such good food for you, then she can easily afford to try the raw food diet. There are even easy diets to follow for those pressed for time. Try www.pet-grub.com , www.littlebigcat.com, www.felinefuture.com

We hope this helps.

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Catster Lifestyle, News & Entertainment > I do not recommend the CatIt drinking fountain

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There are passive water fountains that work by releasing water when the water level in the bowl gets low. The water can get dirty in the bowl but the water that comes from the bottle on top is always clean. These passive water fountains are cheaper too. We always use ours when we go on vacation.

There really is no greater joy though than watching your cat drinking from the tap. laugh out loud I have one cat who follows me to the bathroom just so I'll turn on the tap for him. He's adorable that way.

A funny story, we bought a table top water fountain with soothing sounds, something I had always wanted. Little did I know at the time, but my wonderful fountain would become my kitties favorite watering hole. Like you, it became so labor intensive to keep water in the fountain that we had to constantly refill it. Because of that, my fountain is now back in its box until we can find a way to put it back up AND keep it safe.

Thanks for your review. We often wonder how well these new products work in real life.

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