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Purred: Sun Mar 16, '14 9:00am PST 
Thanks for the help! The dander eased up after a week or so. I think it was just the change from inconsistent food to consistent. For other reasons we switch to puina cat food. We can't afford to do all wet food, the cost is just way to high. He does get it as treats though. =) Thanks again for the help.

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Choosing the Right Cat > Adopting a kitty for Apartment dwellers

Purred: Wed Mar 5, '14 10:16am PST 
Thank you for all the help everyone. We did adopt the kitty, though he has a slight mischievous streak (I expected that), He is absolutely great at listening, once I make it clear what is expected of him. If he does anything undesirable, usually it's because he hasn't figured out I'm not ok with it yet. I got a lot of help from the workers at animal control, they said moving in is fine, just so long as we are there with him. They also said he'd prefer being alone then with 30 other cats, so we'd be doing him a favor.

He like's it here, I swear he purred for 24 hours straight after getting home. Also, he didn't mind the new things coming into the apartment to explore cloud 9

He's been good with not scratching too much, he should have his own post soon. I'm not sure when to clip his nails... he doesn't mind me touching his paws, and did relatively well with his first bath too =) I almost wonder if bath toys could make that more fun for him.

Anyway, thanks for the help!

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