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Hello! I feed my kittens Natures Variety Instinct Premade Raw Chicken Medallions, the chicken variety. I feed three medallions a day to both of my kittens (Both about 4 months old).

I realize they need meat that they can rip and chew to keep their teeth clean, and would be feeding fully home prepared raw meals for them if I was more confident in my own skills. I want to ensure they are getting the nutrients they need as growing kittens and feel that experimenting during this critical time would be unwise on my part as an inexperienced raw feeder. I figured this would be a logical compromise in the mean time (I fully intend on feeding them a fully home prepared raw diet (raw meaty bones, frankenprey, like that) in the future when I am feeling more secure and educated.

I have two concerns about feeding Natures Variety Instinct as their staple diet:

1. Because it is ground, how can they get their teeth clean? Should I give them a chicken neck on the side, or will that cause an imbalance in the meat to bone ratio?

2. I read that chewing whole raw meat causes the cats stomach to actually anticipate the food and prepare itself for digestion. If I am giving them ground food, am I interrupting this and causing digestive troubles?

Thank you very much for all advice! red face

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