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Are you going to- eat all that?
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We are midway to transitioning to full raw - now feeding 50/50 canned/raw.

I want to put in a good word for Weruva/Cats in the Kitchen canned food. One of the reasons I like this brand is that their website (www.weruva.com) has all kinds of nutritional data regarding their foods - more than I have ever seen on a company website. Many companies don't like giving out info beyond the Guaranteed Analysis. Further, this is the brand that my kibble addict took to - after trying many others.

The only issue I have with this brand is that it is high in water. If you, like me, have a "gravy licker" that really likes gravy laden foods - its a plus. My cat simply would not touch another brand with lower water. You are just paying a bit more to ship that water around. But when I look at the vet bills I have paid as a result of illness brought about by that CRAP dry food that the vet recommended (you know what brand I mean) ..its money well spent.

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