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The Mitten
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I do not walk either of my cats on a leash. They do not go outside at all. My only experience with cats that are outside for any purpose (on a leash, in an enclosure, allowed to play in the yard) is they try to sneak out. Constantly.
My friend had to deal with her cats doing it while we were growing up, she let my cat out against my wishes and he always wanted out and was eventually hit by a car when he snuck out.
I live on a very busy street and it`s not worth it to me. Perhaps one day if we live somewhere quieter it`ll be a different story but for now they are firmly indoor only.

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Food & Nutrition > My cat always seems hungry.

The Mitten
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Napoleon is a pretty active cat. She eats Go! SENSITIVITY + SHINEâ„¢ Freshwater Trout + Salmon (not for any sensitivities, just because she likes fish more than chicken) and she just eats so much!
We had her spayed on December 27, so I'm not sure how much that plays into it? She's definitely more affectionate since then.
I would have to say she's about 8lbs now, but should maybe be 7 lbs. When we adopted her she was 6.5lbs and I felt she was a bit thin. She's a pretty small cat. Quite dainty.
I can't tell if she's eating all of her food right away because she loves the taste of it, or because she's hungry. Or if she's hungry because she scarfed her food down at the previous meal.
She gets just under 1/2 cup a day (just under 1/4 cup a meal), and the feeding guidelines recommend 3/8 cup a day. She gets that with about an ounce of wet food in the morning.
When she's standing up she's not fat, she has no little bulges or anything, but her face is slightly rounder. When she was 6.5lbs she had this sort of alien head thing going on haha
Maybe I answered my own question, and I should just change her kibble to a chicken flavour so she's not all "OMG I HAVE TO EAT ALL OF THIS BECAUSE IT'S DELICIOUS"

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