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Cat Health > Younger Cat and Older Cat fighting Help


Purred: Wed Jan 9, '13 1:51am PST 
Hi there,
I am currently going through the same experience.. as i have just adopted Molly's Sister Coco... both 1 year old female ragdoll cats.. i had Molly since a kitten and somehow found her real sister advertised in a local add.. Coco wasn't looked after so i decided to rescue her. I had Coco in a safe room (bathroom as well for couple of weeks) and they were both hizzing and growling at the door.. i have done a slow introduction for 2 weeks until i decided to leave Coco out... Molly follows Coco around the house and gets crazy if Coco is playing with her toys... from day to day it seems to get better.. and i leave them alone at home.. during the day they are both sleeping in the same room (in the bathroom) Coco in one corner and Molly in the other.... only had night time.. they go crazy and are wresting and fighing and keeps me awake all night.. i am trying to spend time with bought that nobody feels left behind.. but it is not easy..... i am sometimes i am also wondering.. if it will ever gets better....... but i decided to give it atleast 1 year.
With your cats try to play with them in the same time with 2 different toys and maybe they start playing with eachother.. if they do.. give them both a treat... reward the kitten with treats when she does not attack your older cat... for older cats it is takes longer to get used to the new kitten (sometimes never... thats what i have read)... also feed them wet food in the same time (2 separate bowls) try to feed them next to eachother... that helps with bonding (that helped Molly and Coco a bit). Also maybe buy a Feliway ( diffuser it might help.
Good Luck and don't give up... it might gets better. Keep me posted laugh out loud)

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Behavior & Training > How long does it take for Coco to get along with her Sister Molly??

Purred: Tue Jan 8, '13 10:50pm PST 
I have just adopted Coco 6 weeks ago... and they are still wrestling and fighting (but no growling and almost no hizzing).. They are both 1 year old. Molly seems to be the one who is always starting the fight (molly grew up with us as we adopted her when she was a kitten)... i have done a very slow introduction as per google instructions... at day time.. they seem fine... and Molly even wants to sleep in the same room as Coco ... but at night they just get crazy.. and it is killing me.. didn't have a good sleep for days... i am also using feliway but it doesn't work.
Please help!!!! When will they become friends???

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Ragdoll > When do i get my full coat color?


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Hi i am COCO and i am a 1 Year old female Seal Point Ragdoll.
I am wondering when i will be getting my full Seal color? My mouth and chin is still white and have white rings around my eyes.. is my color is only slowly developing?
Is it possible that it will stay like this? Or do i get more color when i grow older?

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