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My sister, Abby, and I are 13 weeks old. We have lived with our new family for almost two months. We stay in 'the kitten room', separated from the adult cats because our two 'aunties' still hiss and growl at us.

When we were younger, we would rush the door whenever our humans would open the door to come in. Mama put a baby gate across the doorway, but we learned to climb that really fast. Now mama leaves the door to the room open and there are baby gates stacked floor-to-ceiling in the hallway so we can see more of what's going on in the rest of the house and the big cats can see us more, and hopefully get more used to us. Whenever our humans come to the baby gates, we rush the gates, climbing and trying to get out. Mama says she doesn't want us to get out yet. She says she's 99% sure that our buddy Demon wouldn't do anything to hurt us, she's not sure about our Angel and Gidget since they still sometimes hiss and growl at us through the gates. Abby weighs just over 2# and Angel weighs 17# (mama says it's an unfair match-up). Also, mama says part of our house isn't 'kitten proofed' yet. We just get lonely and are excited to see our new family, and we just want to explore the rest of the house and play with our buddy Demon (who comes in to play with us every day).

Using the laser pointer sometimes works, but not all the time (we're onto her). Mama thinks there should be a way to keep us from rushing the baby gates and trying to escape whenever they are opened, something that doesn't involve squirting water at us and/or making loud noise (Abby is shy and skittish).

Can you help?

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