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Purred: Sat Sep 24, '11 8:52pm PST 
I just recently moved my cat Obie from Grand Rapids, MI to San Diego, CA. I had planned on stopping every so often and letting him out of the moving van on a leash. I only ended up doing that twice. He never used the bathroom while we were driving. He held it until we got to a hotel. He also didn't eat much or drink much along the way either. I had a sport carrier for him to ride in, but he ended up wanting out to roam around the car. He spent most of the trip under the drivers seat.

Before we moved, Obie hated the car. We went on an hour long trip with him once before this and he cried the entire way. He was actually surprisingly really well behaved on the move!

Good luck!

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Food & Nutrition > one fat one skinny

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Growing up my family had two boy cats that were from the same litter. My cat was Milo and he was the big one of the two; the other cat was my older brothers and his name was Tobias (Toby). They both were active cats. I wouldn't say either of them was more active than the other. They ate the same amoount of food and the same kind of food. My family tried to get Toby to gain more weight by allowing Toby to eat one can of wet food a day or every other day... Whatever Toby didn't eat went to Milo. Most of the time though Toby ate nearly all of it.

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