Ragdoll > Beautiful 3-Week-Old Purebred Blue Mitted Male (Moreno, CA)


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Hi! I have been looking for a Ragdoll kitten for a long time now... Our Birman passed away and we have been desperately looking for another Birman or Ragdoll. It is very hard to find one because a lot of people are trying to pass off other cats (such as Siamese) as Birmans and Ragdolls. Can you please let me know if this beautiful little boy is still available, or if you know of any others? I live in Sherwood, Oregon. Please email at keskatarzy@yahoo.com ASAP! Thank you so much! P.S. My daughter's birthday is coming up in the beginning of July and this would be the best gift ever! She has asked for one every year since ours passed, and still, we have not been able to find one. Thank you!

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