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Tiger, Tigers people that saved him...if we can do anything, please let us know!!! We sent a PM.
lots of purrs!!!!

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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Some special cats for adoption in Long Island City, NY

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Hello everyone,

We just wanted anyone in the Long Island City area of NY to know what where I live, I, and many others, are up for adoption.

I'm a lovely calico cat that tests FELV+ but am healthy.

There are other kitties that are not FELV+, but need homes just the same.

Would you come and check us out if you're thinking of adopting?

Thank you! I so look foward to a home of my own.

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Choosing the Right Cat > Choosing 2 kittens


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There hasn't been a kitten with mommy and daddy...but mommy used to work in an adoption center for animals. She said that it truly doesn't matter, and if they are brother and sister, or brother and brother, or sister and sister, all is well.

Mommy also says that there are plenty of young adult bonded siblings out there...2 1 year old sisters up for adoptin right now from someone in her accupuncturist office....so please don't rule that out. Because everyone wants the babies.

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