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My friend in San Francisco has 2 Burmese and would like to relinquish
one. The primary reason is excessive vocalization. I have talked with
him at length about this and tried to offer support. Unfortunately, he
is set on not having him in his home.

When I visited my friend and met the cat--ARDISHIR--I did not find his
vocalization excessive. Unfortunately, that is neither here nor there
as he is determined to relinquish Ardishir. (As a side note, Ardi
slept with me under the comforter, purring away every night of my
visit. He is an exceptionally loving cat.)

Ardishir is 14 years old. It is not an option to send him to a shelter
as he is a senior and hence not readily adoptable. My friend has
considered having Ardi euthanized. Obviously, this is not an option.
Ardi is a sweet, intelligent, very affectionate guy who deserves a 2nd
chance. I would bring him into my home if I didn't have such an
aggressive alpha female.

I am reaching out to you for any thoughts/advice you might have on
transporting him. Ardishir needs to get from San Francisco to either
Kansas City (ideally) or alternately New York City. I have strong
connections in the rescue community in both of these cities and am
confident that I would be able to find him a loving foster and then
permanent home.

My friend spoke of "shipping" him to me as airline "cargo." With his
age and his tendency towards high blood pressure when stressed, I do
not see this as a safe and viable option. I have tried to find
alternative transport (outside of the rescue community) and the only
response I got was from a woman who could drive him for $625. I'm
sure my friend would be willing to make a generous donation, but I
know that he would not pay $625 and my fear is that he would have Ardi
put down.

This is time sensitive. I know my friend is at his wit's end.
Obviously, I'm furious with him about this but it's become clear that
there's no convincing him to keep this sweet, loving kitty.

I thank you in advance for considering this situation, and I look
forward to any thoughts you might have.

My e-mail is:

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