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Psycho Kat

Purred: Mon Jan 12, '09 2:52pm PST 
I am sorry to hear about your situation. The fact of the matter is that with the economy coming down like it is there are going to be a lot more people having to do the same thing. I love my pets but they will never come before my kids. If that means Ihave to feed them the "crap" grocery store food then so be it. They will survive. It is better then giving them up to a shelter that is so over populated that they are just euthanizing the poor animals. You do what you need. You have at least my prayers.

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Domestic Shorthair > How many of you DSH were adopted from a shelter?

Purred: Mon Jan 12, '09 2:46pm PST 
I was adopted from a shelter when I was 8 weeks old. My owners gave me away after a week, and then the new owners gave me away too. Now I am with my forever family. I am a DLH. I am loved very much and spoiled rotten.

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Domestic Shorthair > Help! I am losing all of my hair in big clumps. Mom is worried!

Psycho Kat

Purred: Mon Jan 12, '09 2:43pm PST 
Psycho has been losing his hair in big clumps the last week or so. I have just switched him to another food today to see if that helps, but I am very worried. Is this something that just happens, or should I get him into the vet right away? He is 7 years old, and this is the first time he has ever had any problem like this. He is missing a 2 inch chunk of fur. ( He has been staying inside all of the time for the past 3 months now.)

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