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Cat Health > Bladder Problems!
Marlin- Purrkins

Welcome to Wild- Kingdom!
Purred: Wed Aug 19, '15 8:07pm PST 
We read your profile - my mumma loves the red cats too. (that's why she loves me).
Cats are notorious for not drinking enough water. Much of the fluid they consume is via their food - so, yes, feeding wet food is very important - you have started doing that so that is good!
Years ago mumma had another red cat who was prone to crystal production and UTIs. Her vet put that cat on an acidifier -a tablet that increased the acidity of the urine and that was supposed to help prevent infections and crystals. The tablet was chewable and evidently tasted good because Bumpurr would eat it without a fuss. I don't know if this is still a treatment option - as I said it was a long time ago, but it seemed to help.
Key to the whole problem is increasing fluid intake - maybe a fountain to encourage drinking more ( cleaning fountains is a pain)? Does OLive like to drink from the faucet? A clean bowl with the water changed frequently. Some cats like ice added to their water.
Evidently STRESS is also related to cystitis - any changes recently? a move? new cat/person/other animal in the home? change in schedule? change in litter? Change in food could be a trigger.
The good news is that Olive is producing and passing even small amounts of urine and that you are paying close attention to that.
Inability to pass urine is an emergency! The next time you see the vet have him/her show you how to palpate the bladder so you can recognize if the bladder is full when Olive is straining to urinate and you are not seeing him pass urine.
Wishing you the best!
Marlin and his mumma
Mumma thinks you are lovely and a handsome fella!
I told her not to get any ideas because you already have great mom...

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Kitten Corner > 8 month year old kitten escaped from back yard
Claude- Hoppurr - Master GR- Com

Claude NOT- Clod!!!
Purred: Sun Feb 1, '15 10:10am PST 
Hi and welcome to catster!
The only way to keep him completely safe would be to keep him indoors!
Maybe you can build him an outdoor enclosure - something with a roof that will keep him IN since seven foot walls aren't doing it!
Since you live on a busy street I would be very concerned about him getting hit by a vehicle.
Good luck!
Claude Hoppurrs mumma

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Cat Health > HELP? Anyone with experience with IBD or lymphoma??

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Sun Feb 1, '15 9:55am PST 
My boy Purrcy had lymphoma and went to the Bridge Oct 15, 2011.
He also had IBD. Here is a link that you may want to look at - It is from Alex's page. Her mom is a great resource.
Best wishes -
Purrc's mumma

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Other Meows & Purrs > Fake Cats? Huh?

Claude- Hoppurr - Master GR- Com

Claude NOT- Clod!!!
Purred: Wed Sep 10, '14 2:45am PST 
Just wanted to let you know that Claude won best national household pet for the 2013-2014 show year in the Cat Fanciers Federation. We are attending the awards banquet this coming weekend!

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Saying Goodbye: Memorials & Support > Lost in grief and consumed with guilt...

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Tue Aug 19, '14 12:01am PST 
There are no words to make you feel better - only time will heal your heart and soul.
Sending you healing thoughts, love, and hopes that you feel better soon.
Huggs and Purrs.
Purrcy (now an ANGEL) and his Mumma

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Kitten Corner > Wife brought home kitten
Bou Haki ~- Angel~- always loved

Purred: Mon Aug 18, '14 11:45pm PST 
Sorry 2nd poster you are out of line with your response.
In every household each responsible adult has a right to say what may or may not be a part of the family.
Unfortunately the first poster is stuck being the "BAD GUY".
It is sad that the children and the kitten are going to be hurt because it sounds like the kitten will not stay in this family very long.
Please people -THINK - before you bring a animal into a family situation without talking to your partner first.
That's all I will say about this sad situation.

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Choosing the Right Cat > Is a Singapura right for me?

Marlin- Purrkins

Welcome to Wild- Kingdom!
Purred: Fri Jun 27, '14 1:03am PST 
Why not get your Singapura kitten and find a shelter kitten (around the same age and size as a companion?
Just a thought...

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Cat Health > Kitty may have cancer-very scared

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Wed Jun 4, '14 7:03pm PST 
Thank you for the update. Yes, cherish the time you have - how often do we forget that!
Am thinking of you and Mindy - please do let us know how she is and what treatment she may receive.
And yes - keep your faith intact. No matter what you and Mindy will be reunited someday. And don't forget that Mindy will be watching over you - she will send another kitty to love and cherish you when you are ready for that - I know that sounds trite, but it does happen. Purrcy sent me two beautiful boys for me to love (and to love me) several months after he passed on.
I think he sent two because one kitten could never have filled my heart and his mighty paws.
Many hugs
Purrcy and his mumma

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Behavior & Training > Aggressive and possibly Overprotective

~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Wed Jun 4, '14 6:27pm PST 
Okay...So who is really in charger here? Daniel? or his mama?
I really think you need to separate these cats and do a reintroduction and Daniel is the one that needs to be isolated some how and some way.
Solomon is described as "weak" and "hurt". Daniel sounds like a bully - so who do you protect? Solomon! Who needs to be bolstered up and have his self esteem boosted? Not Daniel!
I'm assuming that both of these boys are neutered. If not...well get it done right away.
Some cats are timid but that doesn't mean that an alpha cat should be allowed to hurt them. The alpha/aggressor needs to learn that his/her behavior IS NOT acceptable. And that means that YOU have to intercede and make it right.
Getting yourself scratched up is NOT acceptable. You need to separate these boys and begin a new regimen...where you are the alpha cat and they are NOT.
I agree with your vet - drugs will not change the behavior - and it is not RIGHT to drug any one to make them behave. You need to figure out a way to help these two poor cats to get along or re-home one or the other.
What is happening is not healthy or fair to you, the cats, and the rest of your household.
Sorry this sounds harsh. I wish you the best of luck in resolving this terrible problem.
Many purrs for you and your clowder

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Cat Health > Kitty may have cancer-very scared
~Purrcy ~- Meohmy

Purred: Tue Jun 3, '14 2:07pm PST 
I'm so sorry to hear of the poor prognosis. This is just the hardest thing any cat parent has to go through - and it hurts.
If you think Mindy is still happy with you, then I think she probably is. If you can continue to hand feed her - keep going!
Most cats let you know when it is time for them to leave and cross to the Bridge.
Purrcy let me know but it was still one of the hardest things I ever had to do.
I would not go back to the vet who was rough with her. Continue to talk with your regular vet and see if treatment helps her be more comfortable. It may have to be on a day to day basis.
We as pet parents know at the very beginning of bringing our beloved furchidren into our hearts that chances are we will outlive them. It is our responsibility to keep them as safe and happy as we can.
You will be sad when Mindy leaves you and you will grieve. I know that you feel you can't survive her leaving you, but you will, trust me.
We are here to help you and you can turn to us.
Biggest hugs
Purrcy and his Mumma

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