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Rescue, Adoption & Happy Endings > Need Rescue Help Eufaula Oklahoma
Mr. Echo

Purred: Mon Sep 21, '09 4:02pm PST 
Why do people dump sweet kitties in the middle of nowhere? shrug

My sister and her husband have some property on Lake Eufaula in Oklahoma. They don't live there all the time. There are already ferals living there and someone has dumped a sweet house kitty there in the middle of them. The caretaker on the property, who isn't a cat friendly kind of person, alerted them to this cat and I'm hoping I can find someone, an organization, somebody in this small little community who can help in getting this kitty to a proper rescue. My sister and I would drive up there to get it but are unable to at least until the weekend. In the midst of all those wild cats I don't know how long this domesticated kitty will last.

So please, kind you have any ideas or connections?

TIA, Mr. Echo's Mommy

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Cat Health > Tapeworms in adult cats: Answers Needed
Mr. Echo

Purred: Sun Feb 1, '09 3:31pm PST 
My peeple got reel good at giving pills when my sisfur in memory, Nikki, got hyperthyroid. I had to take some pills for ringworm when I was a kitten and while I didn't like it, I took them.

Tenny, on the other paw, I dunno. She was born in the wild and so she duzzint like being held. (But she's getting bedder at it all the time.) It took Daddy holding her down for Mommy to git that worm on her bum. I'm thinking it mite be a team effort on pills too. But we'll find out in the morning if Dr. Bobo wants to give pills, liquid or a shot. My peeple are as determined as we kittehs are.

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Cat Health > Tapeworms in adult cats: Answers Needed

Mr. Echo

Purred: Sat Jan 31, '09 5:54pm PST 
Great advice.

Here's the plan of attack. We'll call the vet on Monday and see about the medication. Mommy can git it on her way home from work. She will also stop at Petsmart to git a big box of litter.

I don't think we have an ongoing infestation of fleas. We have not seen one in quite a long time...ever since we got treated.

Daddy will dump all the old litter, wash the boxes with a bleach solution and refill them. However, should he do that right away or wait a day or so for the medication to start working?

And thanks for the advice on the poopie samples. I don't think anyone wuz too thrilled with the thot of that...espeshully putting it in the cold food bocks.

PS...Hunter, I'm so glad yoo is still around to offer advice. I bin away from Catster a long long time but I remember how helpful yoo is. Thank yoo and evrykitteh very much.

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Cat Health > Tapeworms in adult cats: Answers Needed

Mr. Echo

Purred: Sat Jan 31, '09 7:56am PST 
A couple months ago Mommy noticed a kupple fleas on us so we got flea joose on our necks. The vet sed to keep an eye out for things on our bums that look like peeses of rice cuz fleas can transmit worms. Well, last nite Mommy found one on my sisser Tenny and it wuz mooving so it looks like worms all rite.

With the vet office closed I'm coming to yoo experts to give us some guidance. The litter boxs will be cleaned shortly and then we're both gonna git followed around til we poo so it can be bagged individually and taken to the vet Monday morning for proper analysis.

I'll be 3 this month and Tenny is almost 2. Our weight is perfect (I'm a constant 13.2 and Tenny is 12), we eat fine and have no other symptoms.

1. Where do we keep the poo so it's fresh enough to be tested? Room temp?

2. Even though Mommy has not seen any wormies on me, I'm likely infected too, rite? (Meezer fur is shorter so they probably fall off, plus I'm a fastidious groomer.) I groom Tenny too, so Mommy worries if the fleas didn't give me worm eggs, the grooming did.

3. What is the treatment these days and the likely costs? (We haz Pet Plan insurance if we need it)

4. I've herd worming treetmints are hard on kittehs. True?

5. Mommy wanted to git my teeths cleened to take advantage of specials for pet dental health month. Will treatmint for worms delay that?

6. How long til we're all clear?

7. Any idea what the sanitation routine will be so we can git rid of the wormies and the eggs?

8. We're flea free, but what's the chance of a re-currance?

That's all mommy can think of rite now. She was super mad at the fleas in the first place and now she's really skeeved at the worms. Icky. Thanks in advance for the advice!

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Get Well Soon > The Get Well Purr List


I'm a fighter!
Purred: Sun Mar 16, '08 8:14am PST 
I'm purring especially hard for Tiger. He's got the Chylothorax, which is what I got diagnosed with a yeer ago. I'm at the Bridge now and I hope he wins his battle!

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Food & Nutrition > Dry food AND wet food?
Mr. Echo

Purred: Fri Aug 31, '07 9:09pm PST 
So far Tenny and I split a 3 oz wet meal and then have measured out dry food. Between the two bowls of kibble we have our daily ration according to what the surving amount is on the Wellness package. However, we never finish the dry each day. We eat less than is recommended.

But we're both at a very healthy weight with glossy lush furs and tons of energy. snoopy

We know exactly when it's time for the plate of yum yums to comes down.

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Food & Nutrition > New Wellness Pouches! :)

Mr. Echo

Purred: Wed Aug 29, '07 10:52am PST 
Wellness pouches! way to go My favorite new food. It might just get me off the Science Diet for good!

I like to lick up the joosy gravy and then go back for the slices. Me and Tennessee eat this stuff faster than any of the other canned foods our chef puts out for us.

No weet gluten or other bad things in it.

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Food & Nutrition > Junk wet food better than none at all?

Mr. Echo

Purred: Thu Aug 9, '07 12:20pm PST 
Mommy has a question.

"Mr. Echo has decided he doesn't like the Wellness or Merrick cans anymore. But if you put a can of Science Diet in front of him he'll eat it. (Got a free can for our new kitten and they gobble it up but leave behind 3 oz cans of the other stuff.) He loves that Science Diet dry food too despite my attempts at Wellness, Innova Evo, etc. (He pukes on Evo)

So seeing how boy cats should be getting more moisture to help with the urinary's not a problem with him now but I'd like to help him avoid it better for him to be eating ANY canned food at this point even if it's not one of these wonderful high quality foods?

I've cut waay back on his dry rations in hopes I can get him hungry enough to eat the wet but to no avail.

You feedback is appreciated"

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Cat Health > What is your opinion on declawing?

Mr. Echo

Purred: Wed Aug 8, '07 12:22pm PST 
I"m sorry if my comments come off as rude or harsh, but I think it is a small percentage of cat owners who have a legitamate reason to declaw. Mommy has run across far more cat owners who do it out of laziness and not legitimate health reasons.

I never questioned their "love" of their pets. People can love their human children and make dumb decisions on their behalf too. Heck, Mommy's parents thought it was perfectly fine for a 5 year old kid to have cavities drilled and filled without novacaine just cuz the dentist said it was. And then they wondered why Mommy was so upset. LOL thank goodness they could never just take Mommy back to where they got her when she did dumb things like break the sofa!

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Kitten Corner > new kitten and previously only cat

Purry and Furry
Purred: Wed Aug 8, '07 12:07pm PST 
I don't know what those links say, but here's what we've always done.

Kitten/new cat stays isolated for at least a week to make sure it doesn't develop a cold that could get transmitted. Then start doing some scent transferring. Rub a towel on kitten and then on the other cat. Then let the other cat sniff the room the kitten has been in while the kitten is elsewhere.

Do that for a couple days. Then let them see each other briefly. Judge the time depending on how upset the existing cat gets. I start with about 15 minutes, then double it the next day. When I let the cats go I supervise.

Our older Nikki never really got over Mr. Echo moving in but other than some hard bops on the head it was ok. Mr. Echo took about 3 days to get used to Tennessee, but he's just a year old. Nikki was 12. And a female. Females take it harder because they're usually the alpha. Altered males are far more laid back.

I didn't let Echo and Tennessee have a night together while I slept til it was Friday and I didn't have to go to work the next day. They had Saturday and Sunday together and had their first day together all alone on Monday. It's been peaceful and they're bonding well.

Scent transferring is also really important if you take one to the vet and the other stays home. Often the kitty that stays home will react negatively to the vet smell that gets carried home. Rubbing each with the same towel can help with that.

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