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Siamese > My Siamese wont talk !


The Quiet One
Purred: Sat Sep 25, '10 5:01pm PST 
I have had siameses most of my current two purr a great deal, but the older (10 years) doesn't meow--best she does is a faint 'me'. My youngest, (5) will meow only rarely--the younger is a classic seal, the older a traditional tortie-seal. The older one's brother wouldn't meow either.
My longest-lived was a lilac who got to age 21--and he would open his mouth to meow, but only produced air most of the time. All were perfectly healthy. When I was a kid, we did have one or two talkative siamese.
Perhaps I'm just treating my cats great and they have no complaints? smile

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Siamese > Medical Problems with the Siamese Breed

Never Walk If- You Can Chase
Purred: Tue Mar 4, '08 3:39am PST 
Medical problems for siamese aren't much different from those of most modern show breeds, which are developed for certain characteristics with no regard to the cat's health or longevity.
I have had siamese most of my life, and never had any problems with their health--but we had what is called the 'Classic' style when I was young, and I now own the 'Traditional'; Traditional are the original siamese introduced to the West--sturdy, muscular and healthy, they are largish cats which come in the usual point colors of Seal, Chocolate, Lilac and Blue. 'Classic' siamese are an in-between of the traditional and modern skinny show cat--still big and healthy compared to modern types, but with a little more triangular head and body.
I had a lilac point who died of kidney failure in 2001, but he was 21 years old, and got around fine though he had gone blind and was going deaf and starting to develop the habit of walking in circles until I would pick him up and then put him back down.
My current traditional girl weighs nearly 12 pounds, her brother who was stolen weighed almost 13, and my younger classic weighs 10. All are fine and healthy.

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Siamese > hummm... what colour am I?


The Quiet One
Purred: Tue Mar 4, '08 3:20am PST 
Without a fuller picture, I'd guess that you are a seal point, and a youngish one? Seals and chocolates are close in coloring, but I'd lean toward seal.

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