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Cat Health > Please help! :( Two kittens with coccidia!


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Hello! Thank you for any answers and for reading!

About two weeks ago I picked up two kittens, brother and sister. About 7-8 weeks when we picked them up. Think they're hitting nine weeks now.
We first noticed that the female had very runny stools and a 'Pop belly' and noticed that this could be due to worms. So we called in for their vet appointment and picked up a dewormer and treated them both over the weekend : She was loaded, the brother we never really saw anything.

Come last Monday their appointment runs around. We found out they're pretty healthy: but have coccidia. (We picked them up from a women where people just drop cats off too her in a box by her door. They said any cat that walks in their doors is loaded with coccidia coming from her.) -- So. The vet gave them one dose of I think Albon? And we were too give them the other half the next day. (We did).

It's now been almost a week and they both have very runny stools. I never really noticed it from the brother, but now he's the worse out of the two.

I'm a little flustered and stressed as I've never had cat problems like this. The worst I've ever dealt with is fleas (And my last cat had feline leukemia). -- Still. Nothing of this measure. It's getting tedious to keep wiping their butts, when the brother has more hair in his rear for it too get stuck too. And I know they don't like me poking around their back end!

The Vet's office opens Monday morning, where I will give them a call but we're in the process of saving money too move across town in two weeks, and If I can help it: I really don't want to take them to the vet until their visit from three weeks from now.

So. Exactly how long does it take for coccidia to run it's course? I've done a little research on my own and people say that Albon doesn't actually kill coccidia, just prevents it from reproducing - and then you usually wait for the kitten to run it's course.

I want to love and cuddle these two to death: but wiping their butts and being worried about getting poo all over me or my things makes it very frustrating. cry

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Grooming > My two kittens have dirty, crusty butts!

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Hi there! New too the forums.

I adopted two kittens about a week 1/2 ago? Almost two weeks. Now close to being nine weeks of age, brother & sister. (Have yet too add their cat pages)

We first noticed that the female had very runny stools and called the vet for an appointment and did a little research and found out it could be due to worms. We dropped by the vet and picked up a dewormer and treated them both over the weekend, and she seemed to be the only ones to have any. (Had to pick them out of her butt! So gross).

Monday rolled around and we took them for their visit and found out they had coccidia. They treated them there, and then we were to treat them the next day (Which we did). It's now been a couple days and still seems at least one of them has a runny stool (Haven't been watching them).

The female even more-so always has a dirty butt. I wipe it when I can, but there is some that almost seems dried on there and won't come off with a wipe.

Both of them HATE it when I do so, and she just flips out. But I don't know how to clean her off without hurting her? She bled when we had to take the worms out when I wiped her just this last time.

I would want to think it would just dry up and fall off, but it's obviously not falling off. Lol! They both clean themselves pretty regularly from what I've seen.

I'm going to hold off on calling the vet for at least another day or so, as I really can't afford to take them back until their appointment three weeks from now. (In the middle of moving, having to save money for deposits.. etc).

Any ideas or suggestions would help a lot, thanks!

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