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Some tips:
A trip to the vet. Always rule out medical before blaming behavorial.
Have 1 more litter box than you have cats. If you have 2 cats, have 3 litter boxes.
Clean the boxes several times a day. Some cats will refuse to use a box "dirtied" by another cat.
Have both covered and un-covered boxes. Some cats will only use one type.
Make sure at least one box is in a very quiet spot in the house, so they won't be disturbed.
Try different litter types, sometimes the cat doesn't like the texture, smell, or shape of the litter.
Try Feli-Way diffusers throughout your home. They really can make a huge difference.
Use positive reinforcement every time you see the cat in the box. A special treat, a spoon of canned food, big pets... whatever the cat likes best. Create a positive association with using the box.

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Behavior & Training > Containment ?

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The new house we are moving into has a really nice indoor/outdoor dog run. Enclosing the top of the outdoor kennel portion isn't really an option since 2 sides of the kennel are the house, and there is a large tree growing in the middle. I'm concerned with keeping the cats contained in the kennel, as I have no intention of letting them roam the city. Any suggestions on keeping the cats (ok, just the one really, the other couldn't climb a fence if his life depended on it...) from climbing over the fence? I have the tree part figured out. I plan to use sheet metal around the trunk, similar to what you use to keep squirrels off.

Any suggestions welcome! I would really love to use the dog run (for the dogs) the way it's intended. I just want to keep my cat (that thinks she is one of the dogs) from being able to leave the kennel.

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