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Other Meows & Purrs > Cat age?


Purred: Tue Nov 15, '11 9:24am PST 
Anyone know of a way to tell how old a cat is besides examining teeth? I adopted a stray and I have had three different vet opinions, the shelter said "3", my "free vet visit" said "3 or 4", and a different vet a couple weeks later said "1 or 2". Is it stupid to be bothered by the fact I dont know how old my cat is? Ages 1-4 is a big difference in cat years.

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Maine Coon > Could I be a Maine Coon?

Purred: Sat Oct 29, '11 8:01pm PST 
I adopted this cat two days ago at a shelter. She is estimated to be about 3 years old. Not sure how much she weighs but she feels maybe around 10 pounds. Have a vet appointment on monday. Not sure if you can tell in the pics or not, but her feet are ginormous. We are still getting to know her, but so far she is really sweet, curious, and into everything!! Could she be a Maine Coon or at least a mix of one?

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Get Well Soon > Has anybody put their ederly cat through surgery?


Purred: Sat Oct 31, '09 11:06am PST 
She has a little tumor on her back in between her shoulder blades... The vet did a cytology on it and it came back as indeterminant. So they said I could watch it and see if it grows or go ahead and have it removed. I hate to wait around and it grow if in fact it is a fibrosarcoma, so I am choosing to get it removed on Monday.

So she is getting this removed with a laser instead of scalpal (sp?) so does anybody have any experience with this? My cat will be 15 in a couple months... her blood work came back normal, but I am still scared to put her through surgery.

Has anbody ever put a healthy old cat through surgery and something not go right? I really hope I am doing the right thing.....

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