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Kitten Corner > 4 month old extremely horny kitty

Miss Misterious
Purred: Mon Jul 25, '11 11:11pm PST 
Hi Prince!
Kitties can be spayed and neutered at 4 month.
Johnie was neutered between 4 and 5.
Having your kitten done earlier does not harm them.
Our vets said that only difference really is on younger animal (especially female) the operation is slightly more difficult for vets to perform, but easier for animal to recover. They said that as long as animal is not tiny in size - it's no problem, especially for boy-kitties.

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Other Meows & Purrs > Cat crazy? What is that in honest truth?

Run and hide!..- Fluffy Storm- Coming!..
Purred: Sun Jul 24, '11 8:25am PST 
I didn't find anywhere else to say what is on my heart these days. I feel sorry for the person we (five cats in a family) are guardians of.

My human mother was called a 'crazy cat lady' - the one who is totally out of her mind and deranged.

No, nobody on Catster called her that - they were humans from some other place. But is it possible for a human to be cat-crazy? Is my human mother very wrong in loving us that much?

Well, I'm a cat - that's obvious.
My three sisters and brother and I are happy with our humans - mom and dad, though we know that our humans are old people. Maybe they are not the best, but they are good to us.

They care for every of our need and mom said she will give her life for us if need be.

Our human mother had to give up her job in order to look after us properly some two years ago, when we were very young.

She feeds us the best they can summon, and if any leftovers and our humans have no money - mom cooks that raw meat (which is slightly dried up for herself).
Is that so crazy? I thought those leftovers are great - we just want our raw food super-fresh, but humans can cook theirs and it makes no difference for them?

Is it bad for a human to do that kind of thing?

I came across to hear about humans who would want to chuck their cat outside 24/7 (declawed!!!) or put her down (kill her and a young age!) just because she has developed some problems with litter-box!

Well, if that is normal for a human - then I rather live with cat-crazy humans who are hurt by other humans because of what they are, and who wouldn't give up on us ever.

I think Catster is a good place to post this in order to ask - what do you think - all of you: any furs, and any humans?

Do any of your human mothers and fathers sacrifice even a little for you?

Please tell us your stories so I can tell my mom that she can feel better?

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Raw Food Diet > Oh, horror!


Born to Protect
Purred: Sat Jul 23, '11 3:54am PST 
My boy Johnie was raised on raw diet just like all of my four girls.

But now he favors the dry kibbles (whiskers - is the only available brand where we live, and we can not buy on a web, because we live in sanctioned country - Zimbabwe).

Johnie will still eat some raw, but very, very little of it, basically he will lick it just.
Occasionally he will eat wet canned food, but not much.

Though he will eat any prey he or his girls catch (they give it to him to eat). But this catching doesn't happen on regular bases, so I'm worried if my Johnie is in health danger eating a lot of dry kibbles.

I can't even think to start restricting him on it, because he is a very thin cat as it comes, but not sick, it's just his makeup. I've been to vets and they say all is okay, but on a web they advise strongly against feeding dry kibbles to cats.

What do you think - should I really worry and take some drastic action?

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Choosing the Right Cat > Dog Person With New Cat Who Knows Nothing


Miss Misterious
Purred: Sat Jul 23, '11 3:18am PST 
May's mother is here.

By now I'm sure you know all the answers, which from above posts are plenty and brilliant.

Just some information on a ring worm:

I worked on farms some time ago and know all about this ring worm - it's terribly itchy, infectious between all animals and humans, and lethal if not treated, but it's very easy to treat. And everyone is right about fearing it.

The hair loss is not really an indication of it.
The ring worm on skin is like that:

There are scabs that spread around the skin - they are very round patches without hair indeed, hence the name - they look like rings and yes, this skin disease is caused by a parasite. These rings are scabbed too and if a scab is scratched off - it's wet on skin, no hair.
If scratched off without putting a special muti on the affected areas - that's when it spreads. The ring worm would not be just on ears. Whole body would be affected in different places and these hairless patches would be seen on more then just one place. Easy to detect them just stroking an animal - the new ones developing feel like round lumps not yet scratched off. But if left without treatment - they will be scratched off - they itch badly, so animals do scratch them and spread that further.

I hope that by now your beautiful Jinx has been inspected by vet, and I hope there was no ring worm on her. To me it didn't sound like one.

Best wishes to you and your new friend!!!

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Choosing the Right Cat > Future kitties and Current kitties!


Miss Misterious
Purred: Sat Jul 23, '11 2:31am PST 
Mother of May here.
All breeds are awesome!

I share my life with five moggies at present (and forever).
They all are of feral origin.
Three girls and a boy are short hair and one girl is medium hair.
They have great and sweet personalities and so different from each other.
They are very unpredictable and surprise us all the time.
They make us laugh a lot.
Feral cats are very smart and super-intelligent, life taught them to be this way and it's inbred in them.

You might be surprised - they are really great guard cats, better than dogs.
They pick up danger before our dogs do. If they love you - they will warn you. They travel very fast if need be to deliver a message.
They don't alarm for nothing, but if real danger - they come wake me up and growl, pointing at a direction of danger. It's twice now they saved us from break-in and robbery, which happens a lot around where we live.

They also can be healing cats. Some cats do this kind of thing.
May - my first - is the one of them. She managed to heal my terrible neck pains when she was around 6 month old. Then she moved to watch over my husband more - she basically guards him day and night, sleeps with him and is there when he has his bath. My husband is old and has heart problems and May knows that.

All our ferals are very affectionate to us, but not well sociolised, which I encourage in them because I see strangers as danger to cats in many occasions, because of animal cruelty and such.
I love my kits to bits.

I agree with all the other posts, but my personal like would be Siamese and Egyptian Mau.
I read a lot about these breeds and just love them for what they are.
But I love any cat that looks like a cat and IS a cat, LOL!

Unfortunately I will never have my preferred breeds for companions because I believe in rather saving life then getting a kitty from a breeder.
But that's just me.

Feral cats are my love and life and I will always be surrounded by them!

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Run and hide!..- Fluffy Storm- Coming!..
Purred: Sat Feb 27, '10 2:14am PST 
Hi, Daisy
We voted for you.

Your link leads to the contest's page.

And here is your entry: CLICK HERE to vote for DAISY

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Contests and Vote For Me! > Most lovable pet contest


Miss Misterious
Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 1:41am PST 
I voted for you 10 out of 10! You are super cute!

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Contests and Vote For Me! > Please, help my friend, my brother and sister too?!!!


Miss Misterious
Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 1:38am PST 
Hi, everyfur!

I know that my sis Janie and bro Johnie have entered in a CUTEST PET CONTEST - for Janie and THE CUTEST PET - for Johnie and I really would like them to do well in there.
So, if anyfur could help and vote for them - that's would be so great!!!

But mostly, I want to help my dearest friend DAISY GLASS who entered into both contests in which Janie and Johnie are. Please could you be so kind to help her to win! My darlings Johnie and Janie have voted for her to win themselves.

If you'd like to help, - Daisy's entries are: Vote HER the CUTEST PET! in the Cutest Pet contest, and vote for her in HERE in the other one - this one will close soon and if you in time to submit your votes for her - Daisy's scores would go up and she then will have a chance to win or take place in there.

See, Daisy is very shy, and she didn't ask her furiends to help her win.
So, we'd like to do that for her and ask all our dear furiends on Catster and Dogster to help her.
Daisy was not active on Catster for a while cos, see, her mom is very sick for some time now, and she has no job to earn something to buy her medications.
Daisy is lucky, cos her mom spends all she could ever get on her.
So, Daisy wants to help her mommy to get better and if she wins - her mom will get a bit in prizes which will help her big deal.

Please, if anyone of our furiends would like to help my friend DAISY to win - Please vote for her on both contests.

Your kind help would be greatly appreciated.

May and family.

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Contests and Vote For Me! > please help us by voting...we need the cash prize desperately


Miss Misterious
Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 1:32am PST 
I voted for you on both sites too.
Good luck to you on winning.

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Contests and Vote For Me! > Help, we need your vote

Miss Misterious
Purred: Thu Feb 18, '10 1:29am PST 
I voted!

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